PS5: 1440p Output May Not Be Supported

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The PlayStation 5 is just a few nights of sleep from being in the hands of gamers around the world.

Sony's next-generation console is a hot topic and has been locked in a colourful battle with the Xbox Series X for months.


While Microsoft has been nothing but black and white with what their new console can do, Sony has been a little more sheepish.

There's always been one big question about the output resolution for both consoles.

While we know the Xbox can boast 4K at 120FPS, there's been mixed clarification on what the PS5 can do.

New reports suggest that the PS5's output resolution may not be what we wanted.


Will The PS5 Have A 1440p Resolution Output?

We're a week from the PS5 launch and we still haven't had clarification on whether the PS5 will support a 1440p output.

This resolution is used by monitors, particularly those with a refresh rate of 120Hz and many are hoping this is the case for the next-generation of PlayStation consoles.

According to IGN Italy, reports are suggesting this isn't the case. A translation of the publications' article claims that the website's editorial staff learned "directly from Sony" that the PS5 won't support 1440p.


It's a shame if true, as Sony opted to skip 1440p with the PS4 pro; instead opting to use an upscaled 1080p image.

While for many, 1080p is good enough, many will no doubt be heartbroken. There are likely a lot of users who are looking to or have upgraded to monitors that support this new resolution in the wake of the PS5's release.

It's especially worrying as BenQ's website, one of the most recognised gaming monitor brands in the world, raised the hopes of fans by stating on their FAQ page that the PlayStation 5 would be compatible with 1440p screens (but the page has since been edited).

Technology enthusiasts will no doubt be irate if they open their consoles and find that this crucial information was neglected before purchase.


It's not been a great campaign as far as advertising is concerned for Sony, but they still seem to garner a loyal fanbase and will no doubt be very successful in the next-generation.