PS5 Is Dominating Next-Gen Pre-Orders Compared to Xbox Series X, Survey Finds

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According to a new survey, PlayStation 5 pre-orders account for over 80% of next-gen pre-orders.

As reported by, US-based respondents to a survey carried out by market research company VGM had overwhelmingly preordered the PS5 over Microsoft's Series X.


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PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Dominating Xbox In The US

That doesn't mean it's been all plain sailing, though.

Only 15% of the survey participants had actually managed to successfully pre-order either console, and 72% opted for the PS5 with a disc drive.


The Xbox Series X was pre-ordered by 30% of players, but digital versions of each console were less popular.

The PS5 All-Digital Edition was pre-ordered by 10% of participants, while the Series S accounted for just 8% of the sample size.

Interestingly, of participants who were unable to grab a console yet, 51% had tried to grab a Series X or Series S.

Still, 79% had tried to buy the PS5.


It's an interesting conundrum for Microsoft, especially given that the Xbox has traditionally sold poorly in Japan, where Sony and Nintendo dominate the market.

Microsoft has long touted its ecosystem, though, so there's a good chance many people don't want to spend hundreds on a new console when they can play plenty of the games on an Xbox One or a gaming PC.

In terms of games, the delayed Halo Infinite was the big draw for many people, with 45% of participants wanting to get back into Master Chief's boots, followed by Fable and Forza Motorsport.

On PS5, 52% of those polled wanted PS5 to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales, 42% for God of War: Ragnarok, and 32% for Final Fantasy 16.


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