PS5 UI Runs At 4K, Xbox Series X's Runs At 1080p

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With next-gen consoles just a month away, the comparisons have begun about Sony and Microsoft's contrasting approaches to system UI.

While Xbox Series S and X will offer a dashboard that'll be familiar to anyone with an Xbox One console, while Sony has completely redesigned the PS5's interface.

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PS5 UI Runs At 4K, Xbox Series X's Runs At 1080p

According to Digital Foundry's John Linneman, the Xbox Series X offers the same 1080p dashboard as the Xbox One series of consoles.

Well, the big problem for me, more than anything, with the Xbox dash is the low resolution. I was disappointed with Xbox One X only offering 1080p UI rendering when PS4 Pro did native 4K but for 1080p UI to continue on Series X...that's really not acceptable to me.
— John Linneman (@dark1x)
October 15, 2020

It makes sense when you consider the unified UI across Xbox One S and X, as well as Xbox Series S and Series X, but it's a stark contrast to PS5's UI.

Not only does Sony's next-gen machine offer a 4K interface with all new bells and whistles, but the PS4 Pro offered a 4K dashboard in 2016.


Check out the PS5's UI in action below.


While it's unlikely to be a huge deal for many, it could be jarring to hit a 1080p resolution when coming out of playing something like Halo Infinite in 4K.

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Does the UI resolution bother you? Let us know in the comments below.