PS5 Trophies Will Offer In-Game Rewards

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PlayStation 5 trophies will offer new rewards to players when unlocked, as subtly revealed during the UI's reveal last week.

According to longtime industry insider @Tidux on Twitter, players can unlock items through earning a game's trophies.


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PS5 Trophies Will Offer Unlockables

You can check out the full reveal console's UI below:

Check out Tidux's handy screenshots here:

More Trophy news,Trophies can reward you in-game, and we saw it when we saw the UI. When a player hovers over one "activity card" we can see the remaining estimate time, when the player hovers over a "trophy card" the player can see what in-game reward the trophy will unlock.
— Tidux (@Tidux)
October 18, 2020

That suggests that by completing the Bronze "Rookie" trophy in Destruction All-Stars, you'd unlock an in-game Profile Banner, while the "Wreckognised" gold trophy will offer a Profile Avatar.


It's a neat addition, and while there have undoubtedly been unlockables intertwined with trophies in the past, it's nice to see these at a system level.

Paired with the ability to track your progress for each trophy, it could be a really interesting way to have players earn bragging rights.

As Tidux themselves noted, it's similar to Ubisoft's Uplay Rewards that unlock bonus content like gear in Division 2 or armour in Assassin's Creed.

It'll be interesting to see if unlockables stretch beyond cosmetic additions, giving the most dedicated players something to chase.


Check out our full rundown of the console's UI here.

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