PS5: PlayStation Germany Teasing An Announcement For Later Today

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PlayStation Germany has been at it on Twitter, teasing an announcement for later on in the day, it's probably not what any of us think. But, it's easy to assume why fans have been getting their hopes up. Here's everything you need to know!

Update: The Tweet has since been removed from PlayStation Germany's Twitter page and they've followed up with, as we guessed their March 2020 PS Plus games. Which are Sonic Forces and Shadow Of The Colossus.


Original Post: The translated Tweet from PlayStation Germany reads "You know what we're going to tell you today, don't you?". which, of course, has instantly given excited gamers a ray of hope in regards to the idea of more PS5 news or a possible release date.

The fact we're coming to the end of the month makes it pretty likely that PlayStationDE is actually teasing the reveal of its next free PS Plus games for March 2020

Actual console news will likely land as a 'surprise reveal' within the coming weeks or months, rather than being teased by one of PlayStation's regional social media accounts.

Even so, it is quite a peculiar way to tease the PS Plus games reveal.


All eyes are on PlayStation and Xbox, so any move made now is going to cause fans to erupt. If this is indeed in regards to PS Plus games, PlayStationDE obviously had no idea that fans would expect more when teasing anything that isn't PS5 related.

Regardless of what the news is, stay tuned as we'll keep you posted on what PlayStation Germany has in store. 


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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett