PS5 Trophies Features Revealed In Greg Miller Preview

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PS5's launch is fast approaching, and we've been hearing from press and influencers that have their hands on the console.

While we've already heard about how the Dualsense controller "feels more next-gen than any graphical improvements" (find out more here), we're now hearing reactions of people to the system's handling of Trophies.


Specifically, we're hearing from Kinda Funny's Greg Miller, a well known Trophy hunter.

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PS5 Trophies In Action:

You can check out Miller's thoughts in the YouTube video below:


When earning a bronze trophy in Astro's Playground, you can see a black border across the bottom of the screen that reveals the trophy information.

The trophy rarity, icon, and name all appear at the bottom of the screen.

Rather than snapping a screenshot as per the PS4, the console captures a few seconds of footage before and after the trophy appears.

On the PS4, trophies would often "pop" and the screenshots would be your character staring at a wall, or worse yet, a black screen.


Miller notes that while recording his first PS5 trophy, his capture software corrupted the file, but the new recording feature saved him from losing that moment entirely.

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