PlayStation 5's Dualsense Controller Has Been Taken Apart Already

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PlayStation 5 is less than two months away (how crazy is that?) and one Instagram user has taken apart one of the new Dualsense controllers.

There's been plenty of intrigue about the new pads, most of it focusing on the much-vaunted haptic feedback found in the adaptive triggers.


An Argentinian peripheral manufacturer called evzenelite tore down the controller and uploaded photos before they were enhanced by Resetera.

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Dualsense Controller Teardown Images


Images Courtesy of Evzenelite on Instagram

The Dualsense is a departure from the previous generation's Dualshock in multiple ways.

Not only does it have a two-tone black and white design, but the aforementioned haptic triggers are intended to increase immersion.

Sony has suggested that the triggers can replicate the feeling of pulling back a bow's string, or the difference between driving on different road surfaces.


You can check out a trailer below:


A recent blog post has highlighted the benefits of the PlayStation 5 for developers and what it'll mean for gamers, as well as a great new trailer.

Then there's the wealth of exclusive games coming to Sony's next-gen system, with more expected to follow, although the price of first-party titles has increased.


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