PS5: New Patent Suggests A tactile Feedback Pad For The New PlayStation Controller

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Another new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment has been discovered, and it reveals a detachable controller pad to make games easier to play for players who are blind or have lower vision.

In the patent, it looks like a small rectangle is designed to either be fitted over or replace the DualShock 4 controller's standard touchpad entirely.


There are key additions that include a series of haptic feedback components, such as localised rumble, including pins that push up a flexible layer, to give players tactile feedback from the game.

All of the illustrations show a DualShock 4, however, the patent does confirm it could also be used with PS5.


The detachable pad could show a braille version of the information on-screen.


It could help give a better understanding of in-game symbols.

For example, a series of arrows moving downward across the pad could indicate that a piece of gear will lower your stats.

The pad would most likely still support touch feedback, so you could use it to make choices as well as reading through them.

The pad also suggested that the detachable pad can be mounted anywhere on the controller for ease, meaning that the symbols wouldn't necessarily have to be read using thumbs.


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Written byLiam Bartlett@LiamABartlett