PlayStation 5 Launch Locations Leaked By Black Ops Cold War Trailer?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's latest trailer may have inadvertently confirmed that PlayStation 5 will not launch in all territories worldwide.

As reported by @SKizzleAXE on Twitter, it looks as though the revelation is tucked in the back of the Digital Editions Breakdown shared by PlayStation's YouTube channel.


PS5 To Launch First in US and Canada?

Check out the image in the tweet below:

Multiple release dates, I think PS5 will come later for the rest of the worldWill talk about this and other stuff in tonight's video
— Usman (@SKizzleAXE)
August 31, 2020

From this, it looks likely that the PS5 will be launching in the US and Canada in time for Holiday (likely Black Friday), while the console will land a little later in the year for other nations.


Luckily, it still clearly states 2020, so barring any last-minute delays, we'll hopefully still be able to get a PS5 in time for Christmas!

Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox Series X will launch globally in November.