PS5 Final Design: The PlayStation 5 Will Be White Just Like The Controller

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The PS5 revealed earlier this week its brand new DualSense controller and despite some mixed reception on the look, it's certainly a gamechanger for Sony in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate.

PlayStation has sported a very familiar look for its controllers, going all the way back to the original console in 1994.

While we're still waiting for the official console design, could the controller be an indicator of what's to come?


The PS5 Will Be White?

Given that the controller has large elements of white, coated around it, it's very likely that the console will follow the trend.

PlayStation has been traditionally black at launch since the PS2 - why the sudden change?

Perhaps they felt the pressure that Microsoft was churning out and wanted to do something different to attract the users; almost turning the spotlight back onto them.

We shouldn't forget that the controller still does feature black segments, meaning we could get a monochromatic design in the console as well as the DualSense.

Perhaps this was a small test to see the feedback and adjust the console design accordingly. After all, it is unusual to release the controller before the console.