PlayStation 5 Event "Tentatively Scheduled" For August - Report

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A PlayStation 5 update is coming this month, according to Sony's Q1 financials as reported by Bloomberg.

As per an anonymous source at PlayStation, an event is "tentatively scheduled" for August, but what kind of information we'd receive is unknown.


PS5 Event Coming In August

While we know what the console looks like and what it can do, as well as which accessories will work with it, we still have plenty to learn about Sony's next-generation machine.

We don't know when the console will launch, or how much it'll cost - or when we'll be able to pre-order it. A rumoured State of Play event for August 6 was confirmed yesterday, but it'll be focused primarily on the PS4 and PSVR platforms.

Console launch dates and pre-order information are often revealed around August, but the continued impact of the COVID pandemic means that things are always shifting. Still, we'd imagine Sony (and Microsoft) will have to reveal something soon: in a time of economic uncertainty, those lucky enough to afford new gaming consoles are likely to want to know how much they'll be spending several months in advance.