PS5 Dualsense Controller Teardown Showcases Ingenious 'Adaptive Trigger' Tech

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PS5 launches this month, and much of the early preview discussion has been about the console's Dualsense controller.

With early reactions suggesting the adaptive triggers feel truly next-gen, YouTube channel TronicsFix took one of the pads apart to understand how they work.


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Dualsense Teardown

Check out the video below, with the triggers showcased at around the 9:15 mark.


It actually uses a spiral gear to change the angle of the gear that the trigger presses against.

The adaptive triggers were highlighted by Sony all the way back in April, but with the system needing to be felt to be believed, many had been waiting on influencers and journalists to get their hands on it.

Sony suggested that the triggers could adjust for driving or walking on different surfaces, or drawing a bow.

Arkane Studios' Deathloop will block triggers when a gun jams, too, so there are plenty of things third-party developers can do with the tech.


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