PS5 Dualsense Controller Has Double The Battery Of The DualShock 4

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With the Xbox Series X getting a formal confirmation that it will be releasing sometime in November of 2020; there are still a lot of questions around the PS5.

A lot of leaks have been surfacing regarding the new DualSense controller over recent weeks.

Now, we have more news regarding the battery life of the latest controller from Sony!



More Battery? 

Twitter user Galaxyrain666, posted a flurry of images as they were able to get hands-on with the DualSense.

We will post some of their tweets down below, but here are some of the keynotes they tweeted regarding the controller as well: 

"buttons are more pleasant to press than PS4,of course, there are no lights on any buttons"

"the old model of dualshock4 controller is about 800mA, later it became 1000mA, now the PS5 is 1560mA"

The above one is most notable as if this pans out to be true this is a whopping 50% increase over the original DualShock 4.

hands on #PS5 controller #Dualsense5 , just got a short test on it. The battery capacity is 1560mA, much more than the PS4 one.
— Galaxy666 (@Galaxyrain666)
August 12, 2020
much more pleasant and comfortable than the Dualshock4, you wont be disappointed. the feed back is magical, the triggers inside mechanical structures seems very complex, i think.
— Galaxy666 (@Galaxyrain666)
August 12, 2020


More Play Time? 

If this is true regarding the battery capacity of the DualSense, this means players will be able to game for much longer before having to plug the controller in!

We will have to wait and see.