PS5 Burger King Giveaway: How To Win A New PlayStation, If You Can't Pre-Order One

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You may have seen a video featuring Burger King floating about on social media.

Many were wondering what on earth the video was hinting to.


Turns out it was a collaboration with Sony, surrounding the new PlayStation 5.

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PS5 Burger King Giveaway

Burger King has finally revealed that they have teamed up with Sony to promote the PS5 in the US.


The popular fast-food chain will be giving away 1,000 PS5s along with copies of the Demon's Soul remake and Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Want to know how to win? It's pretty simple, spend all your money on burgers.

To enter the giveaway you'll have to download the BK app or visit Burger Kings site.

For every $5 or more that you spend you'll receive a token.


When redeemed these tokens can reward you with a prize.

The campaign will start on October 15th and ends on November 22nd.


The high-value reward is a PS5 console, there will be 1,000 up for grabs.


It will be the standard disc version of the console as the fine print states the prize is valued at $500.

On to prize number two, 2,000 lucky fans will also win PS5 launch titles Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Demon's Souls.

Last but not least, Burger King will be giving away 1,000 three-month subscriptions for PlayStation Now.

Check out the full terms and conditions of the giveaway here.


There are millions of US citizens eating at Burger King every day so the chances of winning are slim, but we've got our fingers crossed for you!