PS5 Black Pre-Order: Release Date, Price, Will It Release, Where To Get One

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If you were fortunate enough to snag a PS5 over the holiday season or even during its initial release, you were limited in color options.

While Microsoft offered the white Series S and black Series X. Sony kept it simple, as the PS5 only released in a white version this time around.


This was the first time Sony has released a white console as their flagship. As in years past, we have always presented a black iteration of the console upon release.

Now, with the New Year in full swing, many of you are looking ahead to potentially snagging a brand new black PS5.

So, will it release, and if so when?

Here's all we know! 



Retro Version

SUP3R5 were slated to launch their range of PS2-themed PS5 consoles, but they've pulled the plug.

The company cancelled all orders following alleged threats made to staff after all 304 units sold out.


The company has also deleted its Twitter account.


Official Black PS5

We do not know as of now when Sony intends on releasing a black variant of the PS5.


Many of us and members of the community have pinpointed the Fall of 2021 as the likely date for this console to release.

There is doubt in our minds that Sony will release a black iteration of the console.

So we will have to wait and see for now!