PS5: Alternate Colour Schemes Coming After Launch?

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The PS5 is now available to those lucky enough to live in select regions and have grabbed theirs early.

The slick, but often memed design, comes only in the colour white.


But is it possible other colour schemes are coming?

Alternate PS5 Colour Schemes Coming?

In the PS5's ultimate FAQ, a particular question has caught our eye:

"Will PS5 be available in other color schemes?"


To which the answer is:

"There won't be additional colors or designs available for either of the PS5 models at launch."

Now we reading between the lines here at Gfinity and to me, it looks like there's definitely a hidden message.


It seems like a very generic question, but the answer specifically mentions launch.

To me, it sounds like new colour schemes will arrive soon enough.

While that seems rather obvious, as almost every console has come in alternate colour schemes and had special themes, this is a bit more exciting.

Especially as Sony recently shut down a custom faceplate designer.


Rumours have suggested a black PS5 is in the works as a black controller has been spotted in the wild.

When can we expect new colour schemes? It usually takes about 1-2 years before a "slim" or an updated version of the console is released, this is likely when we will start to see alternate colour schemes.

What may change this, is if special editions relating to a specific game are created.