PlayStation fans are desperate for PS5 news in wake of Xbox Series X details

PlayStation 5 is coming, that we know, but news about the console has slowed from a trickle to not even a drip – and PlayStation fans are a mixture of concerned and frustrated.

With Microsoft having shown their console's boxy appearance and full name, The Xbox Series X, at The Game Awards 2019, they also released more information of the console's specs and compatibility in a sizeable blog post this week.

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Meanwhile, the main information Sony has released has been in Wired interviewsand blog posts, and the release of a new website page.

That's getting some players nervous, especially since PlayStation has pulled out of a second consecutive E3 and PAX based on Coronavirus fears.

Twitter, Reddit, and forum posts are constantly asking about PlayStation 5, but at the time of writing, we have no idea when a full announcement could occur.

We do know, based on a recent earnings call, that the new console's price hasn't yet been decided upon by Sony. 

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