PlayStation 5 Trailer Shows Off Console's Visuals, Devs Explain Power Of SSD

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A new PlayStation 5 trailer has been released and showcases the console's visual fidelity, SSD storage, DualSense controller and 3D audio.

A blog post released alongside the trailer, entitled "Breathtaking Immersion", Sony also highlighted how developers are utilising the tech on a per-game basis. 


PS5 Trailer Shows Off What To Expect From New Console

You can check out the trailer below.


In the blog post, game director of Hitman 3, Mattias Engström, explains that the game "pushes you to explore and experiment in huge sandbox locations – and being able to save/load frequently is key to that."


“The blitz-fast load times we are seeing on the PS5 console encourages [player] experimentation more than ever.”

Gavin Moore, creative director at SIE Japan Studio, the team behind the Demon's Souls remake, explained that the devs "are already changing the way we think about the SSD. We see it not just as storage but also memory, utilizing the speed of the SSD to load data at blistering speeds, bringing you straight back into the action to avenge your many deaths.”

“It’s almost as if 3D Audiotech was made specifically with horror games in mind,” Jun Takuechi, executive producer on Resident Evil: Village notes.

“It used to be that in order to get that spatial audio, players would have to invest a lot of their own time and money. Now, just putting on a headset, they can get a full 3D audio experience.”


First-party teams have had their say on the tech, too.

Marcus Smith, Ratchet and Clank's Creative Director, revealed that "the SSD and custom I/O architecture around it allows us to send players across dimensions with near-instant speed. It fundamentally changes the rules and allows us to think about ideas and game designs that are only possible on PS5.”

His colleague, Brian Horton, creative director on Spider-Man: Miles Morales, was similarly effusive.

“Beyond near-instant loading and fast-travel, the SSD and its speed allow us to more quickly load and display more detailed assets. This should lead to the city looking better than ever, and this is just the beginning for our team unlocking those possibilities. It’s a fundamental change that we can’t wait to take more advantage of in the years to come.”


We'd recommend reading the full blog post for more informative tidbits about the console's power and capabilities.