PlayStation 5's home screen looks to have been revealed by Sony patents

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Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are both expected this year, and we may have just got our first glimpse at the dashboard of Sony's new machine.

A new patent from the company notes that the UI could include dynamic aspects like in-game stats, gameplay capture, and even hints and tips right on the home screen.


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PlayStation 5's UI Might Have Been Leaked

As per TheGamePost, the patent was filed several years ago (but released this week) and looks like a similar basic layout to the current PlayStation 4 home screen. You can see a visual explainer below.

Is this the new PS5 home screen?

The patent may remain unused, but it certainly offers plenty of interesting tidbits. The idea of your character's level or kill count being on your home screen like a "badge of honour" of sorts is interesting, but how helpful it is remains to be seen.

The full listing, which can be found here, mentions actual gameplay hints such as "go around hill and jump over truck", suggesting new ways of helping players past tricky areas. We can't wait for the feature to tell us what scrubs we are at Call of Duty.

System architect Mark Cerny has previously discussed the PlayStation 5's home screen as being more flexible, so we look forward to seeing if this UI is the real deal.