PlayStation Source Code Hints At Imminent Pre-Order Dates For PS5

PlayStation 5 is coming this year, and pre-orders could be opening sooner than you'd think.

Despite Sony's assurances that they'll "let [players] know" once the console is up for grabs, Expy, a poster at ResetEra (with thanks to VG247), has noted that the Javascript descriptors in the PlayStation Direct store suggest Sony may be preparing to open the floodgates any minute.

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PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Coming Soon?

According to the post, the PlayStation Direct store produces an error message for customers trying to buy more than one PlayStation 5.

“Basically [it enables] the error message for when you try to add more than one PlayStation 5 Console SKU to your cart,” the author explains. “You’ll be limited to 1 console, whether it be disk [console with a disc drive] or digital.”

Interestingly, a new badge has been added that denotes when products are "PS5 Compatible". While it's currently activated for all products, there's no guarantee you can use your Dualshock 4 for PS5 games, and the badges are currently "hidden via CSS".

Check out an example below:

Courtesy of Expy on ResetEra.
click to enlarge

As the poster explains, "for this code to have been committed into the production branch, then it seems like pre-orders are really close.”

We don't know for definite yet, but we'd need a price to be able to pre-order and both Sony and Microsoft seem to be playing chicken about who will show their hand in that regard first.

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