Nintendo Switch 4K Docking Station Leaks In Latest Firmware Update

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Earlier this week Nintendo released a new firmware update (Version 12.0.0)for Nintendo Switch consoles and for the most part it didn't make any massive changes.

Officially, Nintendo has stated the update was to fix issues where save data didn't automatically back up. "We fixed the issue with the save data backup feature, where in rare cases, the automatic backup of save data is interrupted if a communication error occurs during the completion of the save data backup process."


Following the release of the new update, however, some fans believe that some new code could be referencing a new piece of switch hardware.

As reported by dataminers OatmealDome and Mike Heskin (Via, this new code references a new Nintendo Switch dock. More interestingly, it appears this is for a new model and not the existing Switch.

"Aula is the codename for the new model," said OatmealDome on Twitter.

For some time now it's been suggested that Nintendo might be working on a Nintendo Switch Pro, something that Bloomberg confidently reported on recently, writing: "Nintendo Co. plans to unveil a model of its Switch gaming console equipped with a bigger Samsung OLED display this year..."

Where things really start to get interesting is when you investigate some of the new settings in this latest firmware update.

As per, there's now a new internal setting titled “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30.” This could suggest that Nintendo could indeed have a new Switch model in the works with 4K resolution support, if only for when Nintendo Switch is used with the docking station.


Obviously, Nintendo will deny everything until they reveal it themselves, which could be later this year, potentially at the all-digital E3 2021 event.