How To Start Playing Online With Your PS5 Via PS Plus

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Next-generation gaming is something many have been looking forward to, and there are some fantastic launch titles for the PS5.

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With so much to take in, there are some handy tips you should read up on before diving into the system.


One of the best parts about console gaming is how easy it is to play with your friends. 

Both Microsoft and Sony have implemented subscription-based platforms for their online services.

If you are new to owning a PlayStation, you will need to get your hands around its online service; PS Plus.

Here's how to play online! 



Sony has posted a blog post noting some of the basic principles for the PS5.


PS Plus is talked about in this article, as this is Sony's online provider.

Each month you pay a certain amount to gain access to online features and exclusive rewards. 

Some of these rewards include free games every month.

November's free PS Plus games can be found here! 

Here are the notes Sony detailed about playing online: 

To be able to play online with your friends, as well as gain access to a variety of other benefits, you can subscribe to PlayStation®Plus. 

Heading over to the PS Plus website, you sign up via three pricing options.

  • $9.99 USD for one month
  • $24.99 USD once every three months
  • $59.99 USD every 12 months

Whichever option you are most comfortable paying is what you should opt for! 


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