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Gold PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Open Tomorrow, Starts At £7999

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A 24-karat PlayStation 5 will be available for pre-order on September 10 and will set you back £7999 for the digital-only version.


With Sony yet to announce pricing or pre-order information, this comes from Truly Exquisite, a site specialising in custom "premium" variants 

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Gold PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Start On September 10

You can check the console out below:

Ooo, shiny.
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Ooo, shiny.

Note that there are also gold versions of the Dualsense, as well as the console's first-party wireless headset.

This is the earliest way you'll be able to pre-order the console, with the version with a disc drive retailing for £8299.

While this obviously isn't likely to be anywhere near the price of a non-gold PS5, it's interesting to consider how late Sony is leaving the reveal of the console's price and pre-order date.


Microsoft hasn't released the price or release date for the Xbox Series X, but we do know that the cheaper Xbox Series S will cost $299/£249.

That makes it an impressive value proposition, especially when factoring in Game Pass.

The longer Sony remains silent about the price of the box, the more people are inclined to expect the worst.

Sony, to their credit, has been doing their best to build hype for the console.

A recent blog post has highlighted the benefits of the PlayStation 5 for developers and what it'll mean for gamers, as well as a great new trailer.

Then there's the wealth of exclusive games coming to Sony's next-gen system, with more expected to follow.

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