Game Stack LIVE 2020: Schedule, Livestream, Dates, Xbox Series X, Project xCloud Livestream (17th-18th March 2020)

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Microsoft's two-day slate of live streams called Game Stack Live is back!

The PS5 vs Xbox Series X debate has everyone interested in everything Microsoft and Sony are up to.

This is another event with the latest updates, news and information from inside Microsoft.

The stream is titled Game Stack Live and will be aired on Youtube and Twitch.

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You can check out the Game Stack Livestream on the Games Stack LIVE Youtube and Twitch channels.

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What Is Game Stack Live?

Game Stack Live is an opportunity for Xbox fans and viewers to "learn about the latest cloud and game development technologies from Microsoft, go behind the scenes with the creators at Xbox Game Studios and the ID@Xbox program, and level up with deep technical talks and panel discussions led by industry leaders."

During these live streams, we are expecting to hear about Simplygon 9 and AI innovation within Microsoft.

Most importantly, we will hopefully hear a lot more about Project xCloud and the studios building touch controls for their streaming games.

Finally, Microsoft will be hosting a feature discussion panel with Haiyan Zhang, Katja Hofmann and Keiji Kanazawa.

Don't forget to tune in on August 3rd and get the latest news from inside Microsoft game development.

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When Is Game Stack Live?

Game Stack will air on Youtube and Twitch on the August 3rd, 10 am PDT.

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