Dead Space Writer's New Game Is Being Revealed At PlayStation 5 Event This Week

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The writer of Dead Space has revealed that his next game will be revealed at the PlayStation 5 event on Thursday.

Anthony Johnston revealed the info in a cheeky tweet, confirming he's been working on a "big videogame for almost 2 years now".


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You can check out the Tweet below.

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a big videogame for almost 2 years now. In totally unrelated news, you should all watch the PS5 launch event on Thursday. 🧐
— Antony Johnston (@AntonyJohnston)
June 9, 2020

Johnston has also worked on the likes of Binary Domain and Shadow of Mordor, but when pressed for any further info on the game his only response was "Hint: you play a character having a really bad time".

For what it's worth, the Dead Space franchise has been on ice ever since 2013's third entry which disappointed both commercially and critically.

The franchise's first entry was a cult hit, and its sequel remains well worth a playthrough today. We can't wait to find out what Johnston is working on next. 

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