Is Company of Heroes 3 Coming to MacOS?

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Is Company of Heroes 3 coming to MacOS?

Following the Company of Heroes 3 announcement, some are wondering what platforms the game will be available on.


Relic Entertainment and Sega said the game will release on PC, and while that leaves room for additional platforms, you're probably safe in hoping Company of Heroes 3 ends up on Mac.

Company of Heroes 3 is releasing first on Steam only, but there is precedent for MacOS versions as well.

Previous Company of Heroes game launched on Mac not too long after their initial release on Windows.

Company of Heroes 2's compilation collection even ended up on Mac as well.


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Relic and Sega made no mention of a Mac port in the initial announcement.

In keeping with previous games' later ports to Mac, we expect any announcement of additional platforms will happen either closer to launch on Windows.


As of now, the recommended and minimum specs haven't even been listed, though that's to be expected since the game is still a year away.

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