Call of Duty: Mobile Is Teasing Its New Undead Siege Zombies Mode

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Zombies are nothing new to Call of Duty. In fact, they're nothing new to Call of Duty: Mobile. But despite PUBG Mobile players begging for their return for what seems like forever, Tencent has forsaken them yet again by giving Activision's mobile take on the mega-hit shooter franchise the undead treatment one more time. The message is clear: if you want zombies in your mobile military shooter (and don't want to play Mini DayZ 2), Call of Duty: Mobile appears to be the way to go.

The new Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege mode isn't a clear-cut port of the mode available in the series' home console and PC games. This isn't Mauer Der Toten or Outbreak. Instead, it's far larger in scope, releasing the zombies on Call of Duty: Mobile's battle royale map in a similar vein to how Warzone once did it.


The Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege mode appears to take cues from one of PUBG Mobile's long-dead Zombie modes. In it, you're tasked with surviving five nights against the undead as they shuffle their way across the 'Isolated' map. If the location's name didn't make sense at first, it certainly does now.

You're free to drop into Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege with your usual loadout, but it likely won't be enough to fend off the shambling zombie forces. As the sun rises on another day, the dead grow stronger, making it all the more important to scavenge for bigger and better supplies.

But where your guns struggle to keep up, the guns of your base won't. Throughout the five nights you spend in Undead Siege, most of that time will be spent at a central location you can kit out with massive turrets. It's all in an effort to mow down waves of the deceased like a Hollywood movie.


As for the Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege release date, that hasn't been announced just yet. With teases cropping up all over the internet, though, it's probably safe to assume it will launch alongside Season 6, which is actually set to arrive in just a few short days.

So what will you get for taking on the undead? 25 exclusive rewards, apparently. New weapons, characters, and cosmetics are expected to be unlocked by completing certain in-game event missions and objectives.