COD: Mobile Target Practice Challenge - How To Complete

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Trying to complete the COD: Mobile Target Practice challenge in Season 7? Say no more, for we have worked out the best method to complete the challenge and earn all the rewards.

The latest season of COD: Mobile has brought several new challenges for players to grind. While most of them are relatively simple, some of these challenges can be ridiculously tricky to complete. The latest 'Target Practice' seasonal challenge is one of the tricky ones in COD: Mobile Season 7.


The reward for completing this challenge is the brand-new Crossbow weapon introduced this season. So if you are eager to know how to complete this challenge, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about completing the Target Practice challenge in COD: Mobile.

What Is the COD: Mobile Target Practice Challenge?

The Target Practice Seasonal challenge has seven different stages. You will have to complete most of these in the game's multiplayer mode. The seasonal challenges will reshuffle in the next two weeks, so you have a limited time to grind for the rewards.

You'll get an instant bonus of 22,000 battle pass XP after completing the challenge. At the same time, you will get several unique cosmetic rewards for completing each stage, including the new Crossbow.

You must complete each of the previous tasks to access the next stage of the challenge. This method of progression should help you to hone your skills.


So, without further delay, here's how to complete every stage in the COD: Mobile Target Practice challenge.

Use Sparrow Operator Skill Five times in MP Matches

The first stage of the Target Practice challenge requires players to use the Sparrow Operator skill in multiplayer mode. Players can complete this easily by queuing into public matches.

Essentially, you can complete this in a single match with the Sparrow Operator. All you have to do to complete this challenge is to use the Sparrow bow five times in MP matches.

Reward: 200 Credits, 1000 Battle Pass XP

Kill Five Enemies With Sparrow Operator In MP Matches

The second stage of the challenge involves eliminating five enemies with the Sparrow Operator skill in MP matches. The best method to maximize this weapon's potential is to use it at close range. The Sparrow can shoot several shafts with a brief delay.


Reward: 15x Weapon XP Card, 1000 Battle Pass XP

One Kill Medal Five Times In MP Matches

The One Kill medal in COD: Mobile is given to players if they score a kill with a single shot. This medal is easily achieved if you use sniper rifles in-game.

To complete this stage of the challenge, players will simply need to get five one-shot kills. The best method to do that is to use the DL-Q33 or the Locus in COD: Mobile Season 7.

Reward: MW11 Scrab, 2000 Battle Pass XP

Kill 15 Enemies With Pistol In Any Mode

This is where the challenge starts becoming more complex. To complete this stage, players will need to eliminate 15 enemies with pistols.


It can be difficult to land your shots, especially with a pistol. Make sure to have proper attachments and always take close-range fights with pistols to complete this challenge.

Reward: Striker Scrab, 3000 Battle Pass XP.

Kill 15 Enemies With Shotgun in Any Mode

For this stage, players will have to eliminate 15 opponents with a shotgun. You can complete this stage in any game mode, but it's easier to finish in MP matches.

Equip the KRM-262 or the Echo to take close-range fights in smaller maps. Getting all 15 kills in a single match will automatically help you progress to the next stage of the challenge.

Reward: The Big Guns Spray, 3000 Battle Pass XP.

Kill 25 Enemies With Any Shotgun Equipped With Five Attachments

In the second last stage of the challenge, players will have to kill 25 enemies with fully-kitted shotguns. You can choose any weapon from the shotgun category, but our advice would be to go ahead with the KRM-262.


The versatile weapon will not only help you secure multiple eliminations at the same time but also help you rotate quickly from a fight. The KRM-262 provides the best mobility options for players with all the attachments, so make sure to find the perfect balance in your loadout.

Reward: Fennec - Colorweave, 4000 Battle Pass XP.

Win Five MP Matches With Toughness Perk Equipped

The final stage of the challenge requires players to win five MP matches with the Toughness perk equipped. Toughness is a green perk in COD: Mobile that reduces flinch by 60% while being shot.

This perk can be useful while using a sniper rifle, especially if you miss the first shot. It can also be useful for ARs and SMGs in general.

Reward: Crossbow, 5000 Battle Pass XP.