COD: Mobile Survival of the Fittest Challenge - How To Complete

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Trying to complete the COD: Mobile Survival of the Fittest challenge? The latest Season of COD: Mobile has brought several new challenges for you to grind throughout the season. While most of them are straightforward, some of the challenges can be quite tricky to complete, like the Survival of the Fittest challenge in Season 6.

So if you are eager to know how to complete this challenge, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about completing this seasonal challenge in COD: Mobile.


COD: Mobile Survival of the Fittest Challenge

The Survival Of The Fittest challenge has seven different stages. You will have to complete each of these in the game's battle royale mode.

The Seasonal challenges will reshuffle in the next two weeks, so you have a limited time to grind for the rewards.

An instant bonus of 22,000 battle pass XP will be rewarded after completing the challenge. At the same time, you will get several unique cosmetic rewards for completing each stage.

You must complete each of the previous tasks in order to access the next stage of the challenge. This method of progression should help you to hone your skills.


So, without further delay, here's how to complete every stage in the COD: Mobile Survival of the Fittest challenge.

Play Three BR Matches

To complete this stage, you will need to hop into three battle royale lobbies. Try to survive for as long as you can to increase your K/D in-game.

A smart method to complete this challenge is to land at a hot-drop and engage in fights aggressively. Even if you lose, it still counts as a match.

Land In Overgrown Three Times

To complete this next stage, you will have to drop at the Overgrown POI in consecutive matches. The area is located north of Sakura and is covered in snow.


You can complete the next stages of this challenge easily by landing at the Overgrown POI three times.

Kill Ten Enemies In Overgrown

To complete this stage, you will need to eliminate ten opponents in Overgrown. You can complete this task in a single match or over multiple matches.

Loot Airdrops Five Times In BR Matches

For this stage, you will need to locate and loot supply drops in the battle royale mode. The best method to complete this task is to get hold of a helicopter.

Try to reach the supply drops before your rivals, then eliminate anyone who tries to take them before you.


Kill 25 Enemies With Any Assault Rifle In BR

This is a relatively straightforward stage to complete in the COD: Mobile Survival of the Fittest challenge. All you have to do is kill 25 opponents with any assault rifle. You can easily complete this challenge across multiple matches.

Kill Eight Enemies With Custom Weapon From Loadout

To complete this stage, you will need to create a custom loadout before entering a battle royale match. Once that is done, head over to a supply drop in the match and select your custom loadout.

Frag out with your customised gun and make sure to kill eight enemies to progress to the next task.

Kill Three Enemies With Headshots in BR

Perhaps the easiest task in the entire challenge. For this, you'll need to headshot enemies. Naturally, the best weapon to use for this is a sniper rifle.