All COD: Mobile Season 8 Seasonal Challenges

What are all the COD: Mobile Season 8 seasonal challenges? The second-anniversary celebration in COD: Mobile is going to be a massive event. The update dropped on September 22, and fans are excited to see all the new changes in-game.

The developer has added a set of seasonal challenges for players to grind. Completing these challenges quickly will allow you to acquire all the cosmetic rewards in COD: Mobile Season 8.

So if you are eager to know more about all these challenges, then we have you covered. Here's everything you need to know about all the seasonal challenges coming in COD: Mobile Season 8.

All COD: Mobile Season 8 Seasonal Challenges

This season will be starting with two new seasonal challenges: Thunderclapped and Monster Shotty! Each of these challenges is focused on multiplayer this time around, with one focused on shotguns and the other on scorestreaks. Each is meant to support and encourage usage of the related Season 8 battle pass, the R9-0 shotgun, and the Lightning Strike scorestreak.


This six-part seasonal challenge tasks you with using scorestreaks to excel in Multiplayer matches. Start it off by just earning 1,200 points for scorestreaks and then progress to more difficult tasks like specifically using the new Lightning Stroke scorestreak. Complete the challenges and you’ll earn up to 14,000 battle pass XP and the following rewards:

  • (Uncommon) SMRS – Bullet Metal
  • (Uncommon) Pharo – Bullet Metal
  • (Rare) Charm – Zeppelin
  • (Rare) Razorback – Shuttle
  • Anniversary Badges

Monster Shotty

This seven-part seasonal challenge is focused entirely on showing you’re a master of shotguns! These tasks have you using a variety of different weapons, including the new R9-0, and with specific requirements for perks and attachments.

Since this challenge is a bit tougher than the previous ones, the rewards are also more valuable – complete all of the tasks to earn up to 16,000 battle pass XP and the following rewards:

  • (Rare) Calling Card – Under Control
  • (Rare) Striker – Shuttle
  • (Epic) AS Val – Pollinator
  • Credits, Weapon XP, Anniversary Badges
This image features five new cosmetics arriving in the Credit Store of COD: Mobile in Season 8!
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Credit: Activision
A new credit store update is coming to COD: Mobile Season 8

COD: Mobile Season 8 Credit Store Update

The start of a new season also means another brand-new credit store update is here! This one includes full weapon blueprints, a perk, and other items on top of five Anniversary Badges. Here are the full details:

  • Concussion Grenade - Blend (1.5k Credits)
  • Parachute – Cash Flow (2k credits)
  • Perk – Overlock (2k credits)
  • Rytec AMR – Jaguar (3k credits)
  • (Epic) AK-47 – Shore Leave (20k credits)
  • Anniversary Badge x5 (660 credits each)

Additional Call-outs & Updates

While we didn't want to make this incomprehensibly long, there is a lot this season to call out. A few things we wanted to note since they have been common questions:

  • You can now apply completionist camos on top of blueprints
  • This update comes with more custom options in the 'For You' section of the store
  • Reduced initial app download size with more options to choose what you want to download. However, the overall install size with all optional downloads is more than the previous update since it now includes Blackout and more content.
  • The Crash multiplayer map has been revamped
  • Many new settings added to the game, like damage displays and auto-item usage in BR
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