COD: Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes

What's included in the COD: Mobile Season 8 patch notes? COD: Mobile Season 8 went live just a few hours ago, and the developer has now released the official patch notes.

The new season celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of COD: Mobile, and it comes with a few significant changes, new game modes, a new battle royale map, and even a couple of unique weapons from Modern Warfare.

You can also expect to see the return of the fan-favourite Alcatraz map in COD: Mobile Season 8. Whether you want to climb the COD: Mobile ranked ladder or just squad up with your friends, we're here to explain how you can do just that in Season 8. Before we jump into the patch notes, however, why not check out our optimal AK-47 loadout and AK117 loadout guides?

COD: Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 09/22 ~ New Clan Wars season
  • 09/23 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges
  • 09/23 ~ Ranked Series 4 begins
  • 09/23 ~ New Credit Store Update
  • 09/23 – 9/26 ~ Swords & Stones (MP)
  • 09/23 – 9/26 ~ 10v10 Collection
  • 09/23 – 9/30 ~ Shoot the Ship 24/7
  • 09/23 – 9/30 ~ Cranked: Confirmed
  • 09/23 ~ Blackout Available
  • 09/24 – 10/10 ~ Counterattack Event
  • 09/25 – 10/08 ~ Oktoberfest Draw
  • 09/28 – 10/11 ~ Nightfall Excursion Draw

There are a variety of events in-game now live related to Blackout (more on that later) but there is still plenty more coming up! We’ll have a roadmap out soon with a good glimpse at that. Keep an eye out for that.

COD: Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass

The S8 Battle Pass is filled with classic Call of Duty operators like Captain Price – Bravo 6, Alias – Battleworn, Velikan - Volcanic Ash and of course the infamous General Shephard. The pass is also filled with new functional content to earn, like the Lightning Strike Scorestreak and R9-0 shotgun. Here is some quick info about many of the main BP items below and what tier you can unlock them at:

Free Battle Pass

  • Mechanic – Broken Road (tier 1)
  • Chicom - Infraggable (tier 4)
  • New Scorestreak – Lightning Strike (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – R9-0 (tier 21)
  • Scout – Broken Road (tier 26)
  • RUS-79U - Infraggable (tier 31)
  • Charm – Bear Trap (tier 38)
  • Calling Card – Bang (tier 46)
  • Razorback – Infraggable (tier 50)

Premium Pass

  • Alias – Battleworn (tier 1)
  • CR-56 Amax – Tattered Shot (tier 1)
  • Calling Card – All Out War (tier 1)
  • RUS-79U – Hard Spike (tier 10)
  • General Shepherd (tier 12)
  • Emote – Insane Mechanics (tier 15)
  • Shovel – KDR (tier 25)
  • Holger 26 – Anodized (tier 30)
  • Velikan – Volcanic Ash (tier 35)
  • MK2 – Future Sharpshooter (tier 40)
  • Price – Bravo 6 (tier 50)
  • Frame – Elite Victory Wrapped (tier 50)
  • R9-0 – Master of Snakes (tier 50)

On top of all of those seaworthy items and operators, there is also the Battle Pass Bundle which comes with the five epic items: Machete – Baroque Blade, Avatar – Price, Frame – Baroque Wreath, Calling Card – Death Support, and Parachute – Grim Elegance. You can snag all of those items plus a tier boost with that bundle.

COD: Mobile Season 8 Battle Royale Updates

If you’ve played Battle Royale since the update released the other day then you’ve noticed that a lot has changed. These changes are for Battle Royale in general, not just Blackout, and intended to help make the experience feel fresh and updated.

For example, classes, the health system, vehicle balance, customizations, weapon looting, backpacks, and more have changed. While we can’t list that all here, check out the patch notes for that, here is a quick recap of those changes:

  • New Vehicle - Rally Car
  • The health system has been re-worked and now features Armor to provide additional HP.
  • Health regenerates over time, while Armor must be repaired through new and old items.
  • Players now receive a directional warning when an enemy using the Wingsuit is nearby
  • The old Color-coded quality has been removed from weapons.
  • Weapons are now meant to be found and upgraded from a base level.
  • Weapons have three mod slots and it is the primary upgrade method.
  • Optimized the HUD when driving vehicles
  • Slide distance will now change according to slope and moving speed
  • A variety of vehicle-related changes and adjustments
The new Blackout map will test players in COD: Mobile Season 8
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The new Blackout map will test players in COD: Mobile Season 8

What Are The New Maps Coming In COD: Mobile Season 8?

New BR Map – Blackout

Blackout, the very first Battle Royale map in the Call of Duty franchise, has to come Call of Duty: Mobile and is available now! One of the best parts of CODM is our ability to pull from the best of the COD franchise, whether it is from Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare, or COD WWII. With that in mind, we couldn’t have made a better pick than Blackout!

This new Battle Royale map perfectly embodies that approach of pulling from the best of Call of Duty since it features many iconic locations from the franchise, like Firing Range, Raid, Hijacked, Nuketown, and others. Many of these areas are pulled from Multiplayer maps and re-imagined to fit this Battle Royale experience!

Unlike Isolated, the map is a bit flatter and smoother and we’ve adjusted the way vehicles handle to help better fit this map. Additionally, there are many entirely different types of locations to explore and master, like with Construction Site’s many different floors, escape routes, chokepoints, and quick access points (like the elevators or tunnels).

COD: Mobile Season 8 2nd Anniversary Celebration

2nd Anniversary Events

Technically you could argue all of these events described in this update are 2nd Anniversary events, but these events in this section are specifically designed to celebrate our actual anniversary in one way or another. They aren’t so much about the comics, narrative, or Blackout, but instead it is about celebrating our players by giving out rewards or creating unique engagements.

This will all be accessible through a new Event Collection hub space, part of the event tab, that will link out to everything going on. Let’s go through some of the major events launching over the next week and leading up to our actual anniversary day on September 30th (PST).

Anniversary Badges

One of the main things you’ll use to unlock a variety of rewards for these events are Anniversary Badges. These can be earned through a variety of events, even right now through daily login, and will be used to purchase rewards of your choosing, like the Global Weapon Design mentioned below. If you are running behind on badges to purchase a reward, you can also jump into the credit store and buy them directly (only 5 each time the credit store updates this season). With that said, let’s go through the events!

Anniversary Cake & Puzzle

What’s a celebration without cake? This event will allow you to build your own 2nd Anniversary cake while also tracking and collecting rewards. There will also be a puzzle that you can unlock by using Anniversary Coins/Points. Similar to the cake, while unlocking this piece of art you’ll see be collecting rewards!

Global Weapon Exchange

Quite some time ago, you all voted on your favourite weapon and favourite weapon design from a set of options our team concepted. In the end, the PP19 Bizon and our 1st Anniversary theme! You’ll be able to collect this new weapon blueprint on September 30 (PST) through this event and all you’ll need to do is login and participate in other events in order to collect the Anniversary badges necessary to unlock it. It should be an easy one to grab since it is meant to just be a celebratory item for all of our players, especially those who participated in the vote. Get ready to collect it next week!

Counterattack – Themed Event

For the first time in Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll be able to interact with NPCs on the Battle Royale map! You may have seen a bit already in Isolated with the Five Knights invading parts of the map, but for Counterattack there will be new ways to interact with NPCs and on Blackout. Beloved COD operators will be scattered throughout the map and you’ll be tasked with collecting them! Once you collect those operators you’ll be able to send then out on missions that will bring back event points, which is what you will use to acquire rewards.

New Ranked Series

The latest and greatest Ranked Series (Series 4) has arrived this season and it isn’t quite the same as all before it. Sure, it has new rewards but it also has new changes. First up, Grandmaster tier has been added to the tier list. Grandmaster is above Master and below Legendary. Since there are more tiers to climb through, the point rank gain for all tiers before Grandmaster has been increased!

There are also over a dozen new Ranked Rewards, separated out for Battle Royale and Multiplayer respectively. The two marquee rewards for this series are Scylla – Dark Quill operator (BR) and Hades – Piercing Hawk weapon blueprint (MP), now earnable at Grandmaster IV in their respective modes. Jump in now, start climbing up the ranks, and grab many new red and gold themed rewards along the way!

This image features the Epic Blueprint Master of Snakes for R9-0 Shotgun in COD: Mobile Season 8!
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Credit: Activision
The R9-0 Shotgun can be acquired from the COD: Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass

COD: Mobile Season 8 New Weapons

Shotgun - R9-0

Straight from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone this double-barreled shotgun packs a serious punch. Running the R9-0 makes it easy to fire off two quick powerful shotgun blasts but not quite as easy to reload – timing and rhythm are crucial for mastering this weapon. Much like the R9-0’s shotgun brethren, the R9-0 is most powerful short range and in close quarters.

You can acquire the R9-0 in the Season 8 Battle Pass either at tier 21 (free BP) for the base weapon, or at tier 50 (premium BP) where you will get the Epic Blueprint Master of Snakes.

Assault Rifle - M13

Another new functional weapon arrives in CODM from the world of Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone! The M13 has a high fire rate, higher than the other Assault Rifles in game and even some SMGs. But the M13 has some punch too with a strong headshot multiplier.

You can snag the M13 in the Seasonal Challenge 'Deadly Weaponry' launching later in the Season (towards the end of September). This weapon will also have its own extremely high-quality blueprint coming at the same time with the M13 - Morningstar Blueprint.

New Scorestreak

A new Scorestreak is here and ready to be deployed in Multiplayer –Lightning Strike! This new Scorestreak allows you to call in a rapid air-strike that will hit three manually selected areas of the map. Additionally, this Scorestreak gives you a quick glimpse (like a UAV) of where enemies and your teammates are before calling it out, so keep an eye on it and make sure to hit those targets quickly before you lose enemies or your allies get to close.

Lightning Strike is best used when trying to strategically take out enemies, like if you need to create a path forward for your team but be warned that its explosive damage range is relatively small compared to similar Scorestreaks. This new Scorestreak is found only in the Season 8 Battle Pass and at Tier 14 on the free side of it, which means anyone can earn it just by regularly playing MP or BR.

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