COD Mobile Season 8: Weapon Tier List & Best Weapons

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COD Mobiles Season 8 has arrived and with it has come an update to weapons and the game in general.

So which weapons are the top ones and which ones should you avoid?


Check out our weapon tier list here.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Assault Rifle Tier List

S Tier

Type 25

The Type 25 is a great weapon for tackling multiple enemies. Although its stats downplay the accuracy heavily, it's actually incredibly accurate.


Despite a drop off in close range damage, it's still a top weapon but has lost so versatility to it.


With what seems to be a gun with unreal stats in every department Man-O-War looks to be overpowered. It has a high rate of damage, good accuracy, and the highest mobility.

Overall it's a very good gun to use in close and long-range combat.

The stability of this weapon has also been improved in Season 5.


Always confused with the AK47, this gun doesn't have the greatest damage output. But, for what it lacks in damage, it makes up for with its face-melting fire-rate.



The ICR1 has a huge amount of accuracy and mobility, unfortunately, its slightly below average range and damage output puts it at the bottom of the top.

This gun went from being a top weapon to the best weapon thanks to a damage range buff.


Another gun with underwhelming damage output, but if you're looking for a gun with a higher rate of fire and accuracy, this is your new best friend.

The BK57 recently got a damage range buff making it one of the best weapons around.

Tier 2



The M16 is acquired at level 46, and it has a great rate of accuracy as well as a below-average kick from the recoil


This staple of the series, the gun that everybody and their mum knows the name of.  As it does in every game it has a kameo in, it packs a hell of a punch, and has a huge rate of recoil.

You’ll have to get to level 23 to unlock it. When using this gun, or any gun with high recoil, try using controlled bursts to stay on target.

The stability of this weapon has been buffed in Season 5.

Tier 3



The M4 is the first gun you unlock. It has insanely high accuracy. On mobile, the importance of accuracy can’t be overstated.

This is one of the few guns so accurate that you could obliterate enemies going full auto, as opposed to tactically using controlled bursts. 

Tier 4


High damage guns are everyone's favourite. Unfortunately, the ASM10 is not that. Low damage, mobility and range put this gun quite low on the ranking. However, it's nice to look at.

This weapon got a major buff in the Season 5 update but has quickly been put back in its place.



This gun is really not worth the wait to Level 74. The M4 is the better version of the LK24 in every conceivable way.

You’ll probably have the M4 pretty heavily upgraded by the time you unlock the LK24 too.

Call of Duty: Mobile Light Machine Gun Tier List

Tier 1

UL 736

High damage, long-range. That's all that really needs to be said. It's a great gun that shreds enemies fast, it's only downfall is, being an LMG it has low mobility. 

Tier 2



The first LMG you unlock, the RPD is an all-rounder. It's fairly decent in close quarters and in long-distance situations.

We wouldn't recommend sticking with this once you've unlocked other LMGs, but it's a great starting point.

Tier 3


Although it is actually the most accurate of all of the LMGs, it's safe to say that this gun is the runt of the litter. Once acquiring this gun, do yourself a favour and stick with the RPD until something better comes along. 


Using this beast in a close-quarters fight is carnage. 75 damage and 75 rates of fire mean you can unload ludicrous damage on your foes.


Don't get cocky and try taking the s36 on a killing spree that takes you to longer-range parts of the map. The abysmal accuracy can't handle the recoil this gun kicks off, so just stick to tearing through tight corridors.


Call of Duty: Mobile Sniper Rifle Tier List

Tier 1


The all-rounder with great damage output and a rate of fire that'll help lower-skilled players land the second... or third shot. 

Tier 2

DL Q33


This gun is great for no-scoping and it also dishes out one-hit kills for any shot above the chest. Another rifle that can help lower-skilled players.

Unfortunately, the rate of fire is unforgiving. This bolt action rifle is so slow that missing the first time will most likely mean there won't be a second. 

Arctic .50

Unlocked at level 67, this rifle has a better fire rate, and mobility slightly faster than the DL Q33, but damage is slightly lower.


Get to level 88 and this absolute beast is waiting. It's slightly faster at firing than the M21 EBR, unfortunately, it means less range and accuracy for it.

The loss of accuracy combined with the increased fire rate is a bigger problem than you might expect, making it far more difficult to land those second and third shots after the initial one doesn’t kill.


Call of Duty: Mobile Submachine Guns Tier List

Tier 1


A gun that will put fear into a room full of well-armed men. It's a great all-rounder with excellent damage output, the AKS-74U will keep you safe in close-quarters combat with its enormous 80 damage and 60 fire rate.

Tier 2


This guns accuracy is even worse than the MSMC. However, it does also destroy at close range.


The accuracy is so bad that hip firing in small rooms may be the only viable option for it. 

Tier 3


The MSMC has the highest rate of fire out of all the SMGs. Unfortunately, its accuracy and range are horrendous.

This weapon, unfortunately, received a damage reduction at short range, making it a much less viable weapon.


With poor range combined with a complete lack of damage, the Chicom fails in the exact areas it’s supposed to succeed in. The burst fire hinders it more than anything.


HG 40

The incredible amount of accuracy in this gun makes it more of a sub-machine gun/assault rifle hybrid. It loses a bit when it comes to the rate of fire. But, you'll be landing further away shots with no problem.

Call of Duty: Mobile Shotguns Tier List

Tier 1


This gun has impeccable range for a shotgun, with the addition of aiming down sights boosting it further. The rate of fire is pretty good too, allowing you to get a second shot in quickly.

This gun will drop an opponent in one shot if close enough. Just remember that to keep it close range, it's a shotgun, not an assault rifle


Tier 2


Although it doesn't hold up against the Striker, the damage output from the BY15 is enough to put someone down with one-two shots from a pretty decent distance.


The only downside of the HS0405 is the time between shots. Meaning you'll have to be very tactical with it. It’s the Model 1887 but with a different name.

Everything about it is good - the one-shot potential and solid movement speed while wielding it mean you’ll be able to blast close range enemies away swiftly.

Tier 3



This is the fastest fire rate shotgun in the class, but to land any real damage, you'll have to get very close. If they can't hear you blink, you're not close enough.

Call of Duty: Mobile Secondary Weapons


 The .44 Magnum had incredible range in Modern Warfare 2, and hopefully, it remains a powerhouse in the mobile version too.

  • J358 (Formerly known as the .44 Magnum)
  • MW11 (Formerly known as the Colt M1911)

Melee Weapons

You know what they say, never bring a knife to a gunfight. Unfortunately, sometimes, you have to.

  • Knife
  • Military Axe
  • Military Shovel


A great way to clear a room from a distance. 

  • FHJ-18 AA
  • SMRS (Formerly known as the AT4)

Call of Duty: Mobile Equipment


Scopes will help you significantly in COD: Mobile. Accuracy is everything in FPS games.

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Tactical Scope / Dual Zoom


  • Stock
  • Laser Sight
  • Quickdraw
  • FMJ
  • Silencer
  • Foregrip
  • Fast Mag
  • Extended Mag
  • Long Barrel

Call of Duty: Mobile Grenades

  • Grenade (Fragmentation)
  • Semtex
  • Trip Mine
  • Concussion
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke Grenade
  • EMP
  • Trophy System