COD Mobile Season 6 "Once Upon a Time in Rust" LIVE: Release Date, Patch Notes, Battle Pass Rewards, Skins, Zombies, Weapons And More

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COD Mobile's Season 6 "Once Upon A Time In Rust" is now LIVE for all to play with a brand new battle pass.

Season 5's "Steel Legion" is almost done as we reach the end of MAy and it was a big improvement in the eyes of players.

Now we're heading into the next season and there are so many leaks and rumours about weapons, maps and much more.

The next season is looking like it will continue that great work as its rumoured that only the second exclusive map may be added to COD Mobile.

Here's what we know about Season 6 of COD Mobile.

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Latest News

New Poltergeist Class - 23rd May

"The Poltergeist uses subterfuge and surprise to confuse opponents. Whether you need to reposition for an attack or evade an incoming threat, its Active Camo cloaking ability provides near invisibility so that you can move without giving away your position.

And you move faster while cloaked, too. The Poltergeist’s Voidwalker ability increases running and walking speed when Active Camo is up, helping you reach your destination quickly and stealthily. This is invaluable when you need to move in the open where an enemy might otherwise see you.

Taking about a minute to charge up, you’ll be able to use the Poltergeist’s Active Camo ability several times in a match. Keep in mind, though, that firing your weapon at any time immediately deactivates Active Camo, so wait to shoot until you’re ready to commit to the kill."

How to unlock Poltergeist

"Beginning May 21, select the Event tab and then Featured to view the tasks you must complete in order to unlock the new class. Complete the variety of Battle Royale tasks and the Poltergeist is yours."

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Community Update Live! - 15th May

The new community update is live, all information can be found below, or here.

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Free For All Gamemode Live Now! - 13th May

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Season 6 Roadmap - 9th May

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New Leak - 6th May

One of our favourite COD Mobile leakers, @CODM_murdablast, has been at it again, this time with all-new locations coming to Battle Royale!

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Patch Notes Are Now Live - 29th April

The Patch Notes for the Season 6 update are now live, with the Battle Pass starting on the 1st May.

New Class - 28th April

The official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account posted about a new class called Poltergeist, coming to Battle Royale in late May as part of the next season.

You can see YouTuber Mr Clasher talk about the upcoming class in the video below.

Season 6 Trailer Preview - 27th April

A new Season 6 trailer preview via CODM_murdablast

Possibly Overkill Perk - 22nd April

CODM_murdablast has found an emblem resembling the overkill perk, and has said 'I'm not sure, whether it's old or new, but I found it in the game files'

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When Does COD Mobile Season 6 Start?

COD Mobile Season 6 started on the 3rd of May.

This is due to the fact that the Season 5 battle pass ends on the 1st of May.

The new season update usually arrives on a Friday, with the new season starting on Sunday.

The new season will run for a month, just as it did last season, although the new Ranked Season will run until June 1st.

COVID-19 could impact release dates.


Patch Notes

The new update for Season 6 is now available and the patch notes are now live!

New and Upcoming Events

Cordite Now Available

"As a part of our ongoing commitment to provide new weapons through engagement opportunities, we have two new options to acquire this new SMG. You can find a common version to acquire through a new set of seasonal challenges releasing today and you can acquire the legendary version through The Void Draw."

The Void Draw

"Through this new lucky draw we have a legendary version called Cordite – Zero G. This slick and futuristic design comes with a reactive camo that changes as you get kills and a death effect that lovingly pulls your enemies into a black hole. Check it out in action:"

1v1 Duel Mode & Saloon

This brand-new mode is available now and is available on both Saloon and Killhouse. The featured map, Saloon, is not exclusive to just 1v1 Duel but will also be found in 2v2 Showdown when that limited time mode is available.

Despite its small size it features a variety of areas to explore and take advantage of, whether it is taking cover or ambushing your opponents on the street or using the Saloon itself to get the jump on an enemy.

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Season Roadmap

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World Championship Qualifiers

"We have launched Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 and would like to thank the millions of players who have participated in the two qualifiers so far! Sure, they have great free rewards but they are also prepping you all for what is to come with Stage 2 and beyond.

Currently, for this third weekend of qualifiers, we have some new rewards up for grabs. Be sure to jump in before Sunday May 17th, earn some of those new championship rewards, and qualify if you haven’t already done so."

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Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass is now live! Here's everything you can get:

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Tier Rewards

According to Twitter user CODM_Murdablast, the 50th tier reward in the premium Battle Pass, will be an MSMC in solid gold.


Two new maps incoming - Rust and Saloon.

Credit to Twitter user @CODMobile_ES

  • Rust: it's in practically all modes.
  • Saloon: Only in 2v2 and 1v1 mode.

The new season is rumoured to bring a brand new and exclusive map to the mobile game.

Alongside Cage, the second exclusive mobile game is called 'Saloon'.

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According to YouTuber GrowPositive, the first multiplayer map to arrive is Shipment. The map is a classic and has been reimagined into multiple iterations of Call of Duty - it's about time it arrived in COD Mobile.

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Photo via GrowPositive


Unfortunately, COD Zombies was removed in Season 4 (on the 25th March).

Although it's not out of the question for it to make a return at a later date, it's unlikely to resurface in Season 6. The COD Mobile team have stated that the game is not up to their standards and has been removed for the forseeable future.

If it does return we can look forward to maps such as Nacht Der Untoten (which has been confirmed to be in development) and Tranzit (which has still yet to release despite footage of it being online).



Why the Outlaw Sniper Rifle will be the best yet, via CODMobile_ES

  • Impeccable design.  
  • Great precision and cadence.  
  • Much greater mobility than other snipers.  
  • Much better recharging time.

The Outlaw will be coming to the Battle Pass soon.

Twitter account CODMobile_ES posted a screenshot from a Reddit user, of a possible new sniper - the NA - 45 and another weapon with 'lightning attack' activated.

Both screenshots can be seen below.

The KRM-262, a pump-action shotgun from Black Ops 3, was found in the game files of COD Mobile with no official release date.

@CODM_Updates shared a number of new weapons that they believed should have arrived in Season 4 - it could be these weapons appear in Season 5 at some point.

  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28
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The G36 has also been spotted in test servers and has asked for feedback from players.

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Photo via @COD_murdablast

Black Ops 3's Pharo weapon has also been seen in an Exchange Event.

Photo via @CODMobile_ES

Finally, we've seen Black Ops 4's Cordite make an appearance in-game.

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Photo via @COD_murdablast



Courtesy of @CODM_murdablast:

"According to latest info of battle pass update by korean CODM The new Operator skill (annihilator) will come under as free tier reward like SHOCK RC..."

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Battle Royale

Nerfs and Buffs

All of the weapon, operator skill buffs and nerf details for battle royale items, via CODM_murdablast

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Twitter user, @CODM_murdablast, says a new mini-event will be coming to the battle royale mode, and it seems to have something to do with treasure hunting.

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New leak says the Man-O-War and the DL-Q33 weapons may not make it into this update after all.

YouTuber GrowPositiveYT has shared images of the Man-O-War and GKS being added to the Battle Royale in the season 6 beta.

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Although rumours were circulating about a second map in the Battle Royale, which would be smaller and play a lot faster, it has not been mentioned.

New Game Modes

Capture The Gold

According to CODMobile_ES, a new game mode will be coming this season with a 'wild west' theme. 

The game mode is called capture the gold, and as you could imagine, it's capture the flag... but with gold.

3 New Modes

Capture the Flag, Confirmed Casualty and 1v1 duel. As well as a new icon of the Goliath XS1

Credit: Twitter user @CODMobile_ES

1v1 Duel

No point streaks, no operator skills, 3 rounds with the same weapon. The 1v1 Duel comes in Season 6.

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