CoD Mobile Season 5 Brings Back Another Classic Modern Warfare Map

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Season 4 is about to end, meaning Season 5 is right around the corner. With it, CoD Mobile is about to get yet another map that veterans of the franchise will recognize almost immediately. Get ready to fight along the docks.

Call of Duty Mobile is like a greatest hits of the franchise's best moments in the palm of your hand. From Crash to Shipyard and everywhere in between, it's regularly pulling maps and characters from previous console iterations, acting as one long nostalgia trip for veterans and a great way to catch up on the action for newcomers. And it isn't stopping with Season 5.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 New Map

When it launches, Modern Warfare map Docks will be coming to Call of Duty Mobile, giving players another reason to reminisce and think long and hard about their old strategies and tactics.

The CoD Mobile Docks map showed up as part of the inevitable Season 5 leaks over the weekend. Not long after, the game's official Twitter account teased its existence proper.

With the large Cromwell Continental banner on the warehouse wall, Number 52 building in the distance, and the brightly colored shipping containers popping against the monochrome photo, long-time fans of the franchise were quick to confirm that the leaks were true. Docks is the next CoD Mobile multiplayer map and it'll likely arrive with the start of Season 5.

Of course, the map itself won't be presented in-game as a monochromatic battlefield with explosive pops of color splattered against its recognizable landmarks. The edited look shown on Twitter just highlights the clues for the sake of reader engagement, calling on them to "guess" the map in question. When it launches, expect the same Docks map you know and (maybe) love.

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