COD Mobile Season 3: Weapons That Should Return For Call of Duty Mobile Season 3

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COD Mobile Season 3 will bring even more content to the mobile game than before and with Season 2 coming to an end, we're already thinking about the next season will bring.

As always, a plethora of new content is expected to drop during Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 - in particular, we are expecting to see new weapons.


So what weapons will return to COD Mobile Season 3? Here are 5 weapons we would like to see.

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1) Peacekeeper

Introduced during Black Ops 2 as a hybrid between a sub-machine gun and an assault rifle, the Peacekeeper was a very versatile weapon; handy in the majority of scenarios and a contributing factor as to why it returned in Black Ops 4.

It would be a great weapon to have on in COD Mobile Season 3 thanks to its strong damage output, putting it in contention with some of the assault rifles already in the game.


2) Mini-Uzi

Perhaps one of the most underrated sub-machine guns in the history of the franchise, the mini-uzi from Call of Duty 4 was lethal in close quarters combat thanks to its mobility and ridiculously fast rate of fire.


With minimal selection of SMGs in COD Mobile Season 3, the return of the mini-uzi would be great for players that love to get in amongst the action.

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3) 725

The Modern Warfare shotgun is one of the most talked-about weapons in Call of Duty history. Synonymous for its high damage output, the quick one-two punch dished out from its two rounds allows players to guarantee a kill quickly and efficiently.

Adding in a strong shotgun to add another option for close-quarters engagements would be a welcome addition to COD Mobile Season 3.

Perhaps it may even take down enemies from across the map?!


4) Kar98k

As a timeless weapon from the franchise, the Kar98k is easily one of the best weapons to use when in the capable hands of a proficient marksman.

Possessing strong damage at nearly all ranges, the bolt-action rifle can be used in a variety of ways, from quick-scoping to playing passive and picking people off at distance.

It seems wrong to not have the Kar98k in COD Mobile Season 3.

Let’s hope that season three sees it added into the game!


5) Desert Eagle

Last but not least is the Desert Eagle pistol. Featuring throughout the Modern Warfare franchise, the Deagle is known for its extreme power and the ability to take down an opponent with a single bullet to the head.


With a lack of pistols to choose from in COD Mobile Season 3, adding the Desert Eagle into the game would give players more choice to their secondary weapon selection.


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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95