COD Mobile Season 3 'Tokyo Escape' : Everything You Need To Know

The second season of 2021 content for COD Mobile is nearing its end and as players continue to experience the fast and furious action of Shipment, the start of Season 3 is right around the corner.

As the Day of Reckoning comes to its conclusion, attention has quickly turned to Season 3 and what pieces of brand-new content will be arriving in the hugely successful mobile edition of Call of Duty.

As always, the weeks leading up to the launch of a new season feature a number of leaks and rumours showcasing some of the content arriving as part of the season. Typically, teasers surrounding new weapons, maps, and characters often appear and leading up to the new season, it's no different.

Find absolutely everything that you need to know about 2021's Season 3 update in this article!

Latest News

New Maps Confirmed - 13th April

The official COD Mobile Twitter account has confirmed that two brand-new maps will be releasing as part of Season 3.

Oasis and Coastal are said to be arriving to the game shortly after Season 3 releases.

Battle Pass Sneak Peak - 12th April

Season 3 Length Revealed - 8th April

Notable COD Mobile leaker @CODM_murdablast has uncovered how long Season 3 will last.

According to the leaker, Season 3 will run for at least 45 days, matching the length of 2021's first season.


As always, the start of a new season often sees new additions to the weapon arsenal.

The official COD Mobile Twitter account has teased that a brand-new SMG will be arriving to the game and for those familiar with Modern Warfare, it is going to be a deadly addition.

PP Bizon COD Mobile Season 3 2021 Release Date
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The PP Bizon from Modern Warfare will be the first of a few weapons that will be appearing in Season 3.

Armed with a huge magazine and an impressive damage output, the PP Bizon could well spice up the ever-evolving metagame.


COD Mobile has confirmed the release of a brand-new multiplayer map known as Coastal.

The map heavily resembles Seaside from Black Ops 4 and looks like it will contain a number of chokepoints to encourage plenty of close-quarters action.

Monastery Map

The Chinese version of COD Mobile has seen another new map added to the map pool.

Monastery COD Mobile Map Season 3 Release Date
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The map featured in COD: Online and has already been added to the Chinese version of COD Mobile. Could it make an appearance on the global game during Season 3?

Oasis Map

Alongside the release of Coastal, Oasis will be the second new multiplayer map arriving shortly after the launch of Season 3.


Since classic Zombies map Shi No Numa was spotted in the background of a loading screen on the Chinese version of COD Mobile, speculation surrounding a return of a dedicated Zombies mode has been at an all-time high.

According to notable leaker @CODM_murdablast, Zombies is returning to COD Mobile in a big way, featuring new modes and a standalone battle pass.

Battle Pass

As always, the start of a new season will contain a free and premium Battle Pass packed with plenty of brand-new content to unlock.

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