COD Mobile Season 11 LEAKS: Release Date, Anniversary Event, Battle Pass Rewards, Theme, Maps, Weapons, Zombies And Everything We Know

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Season 10 of COD Mobile is live and there's plenty of content to get stuck into.

Next up is Season 11, just in time for the game's 1st anniversary!


Find out everything we know so far about Season 11!

You can read about the following topics by clicking the link:

Latest News

New Content - 13th October

👍🏼 Check out the some of the new characters and weapons coming in the S11 #CODMAnniversary season on 10/14 at 5PM PT!⁣⁣⁣⁣✉ RSVP and join the party by updating your #CODMobile game! See what's new here 👉🏼
— Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile)
October 13, 2020

New Perks - 12th October


Ranked Series 7 Rewards And Trailer - 12th October

Season 7 Ranked Trailer full HD... (Season 11 Battle Pass)
— COD Mobile Leaks (GrowPositive) (@GrowPositiveYT)
October 12, 2020

New Rank Rewards, Nerfs, Buffs and More - 11th October

CODM_Updates posted a flurry of images over the weekend, with all of them related to new content coming to COD Mobile.


They note the following adjustments are going to be made: 

  • Ak47 - NERF
  • QQ9 - BUFF
  • FHJ - BUFF & NERF (can now shoot people)(decreases radius)
  • Shadow Blade - NERF
  • ANNIHILATOR - NERF (slight)
  • WAR MACHINE - BUFF (slight)
  • Thermite - BUFF
  • Alert Perk - NERF

They have also noted that the Purifier is coming to battle royale, and there is an ample amount of new rank rewards as well!


New Mode - 9th October

A new mode is arriving in Call of Duty Mobile called 'Cranked'.

This is the same one featured in Infinity Ward titles such as Call of Duty Ghosts.

Players play a normal Team Deathmatch, but when they kill a player a timer starts to countdown. Players must keep their streak going and get another kill before the timer runs out or they will explode and die.

As a bonus, once players get 'cranked' they will be granted super speed.

New Perk - 9th October


A new perk is being added to Call of Duty Mobile in the next season!

Anniversary Event Login Bonuses - 9th October

1 Year Anniversary Arrives Soon - 8th October

The 1s Anniversary of COD Mobile Arrives on the 14th October.

It appears that Alcatraz and a new Ghost skin will be added.

Ghost & Alcatraz Confirm‼✅
— Call of Duty Mobile Leaks & News (@CODM_Updates)
October 8, 2020

Halloween Standoff Map - 4th October


GrowPositiveYT posted two images over the weekend which has all but confirmed a new overlay of Standoff! 

This one is a Halloween skinned version of the map and it looks amazing, check it out below. 

New Rig Incoming? - 1st October

New Leaks - 26th September

CODM_murdablast has posted a new video with some information on Season 11.


They note there are 'multiple' new weapons coming next season along with some other news.

You can check out the video here.

Vote! - 26th September

PlayCODMobile has tweeted out that they are going to be running a community vote for the top modes and playlist for October.

Check out both links here and here!


Executions Being Added? - 21st September

A new comic strip could suggest that executions are being added to the game!

COD Mobile Season 11 Release Date

Season 11 arrives on the 15th of October, this is when the Battle Pass for Season 10 ends.


Two maps called Rebirth and Breakdown have yet to arrive, but it's unknown if they will arrive in the next update.


All options in the community poll have been released, apart from Dome and Terminal.

Tunisia has also yet to be released.

@CODM_Updates has also confirmed that the MW2 map Museum will be available in 1v1 and 2v2 modes.

Battle Pass

Season 11 comes with a brand new free and paid Battle Pass.

There's a bunch of new rewards to unlock.

This includes blueprints, camos, weapons and characters.


You can check out the tiers for the paid and free Battle Pass below:


COD Zombies was removed all the way back in Season 4.

The COD Mobile team had said that they didn't believe the game mode was up to standard to come back to previous seasons but we're hoping they have worked on it and it could be making another appearance.

Data-miners found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies.

This could be linked to the return of the much-loved game mode, or it could just be a new playable option in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

If it does return we should see maps such as Nacht Der Untoten (confirmed by development) and Tranzit (which has is yet to release although there is footage of it online).


Rebirth Island

@CODM_Updates tweeted that the Rebirth Island zombies map from the original Call of Duty Black Ops was found within the game files recently.

Perhaps this will be a part of the new season? 


The Lightning Strike is still yet to be added to the game, despite many screenshots showing it in-game even before last season.

Operator Skills

A new 'Tracker' Operator Skill has been spotted in the Google Play Store screenshots.



No new perks are expected to arrive this season.

Weapons, Loadouts, Gunsmith And Attachments

Fists have been spotted in Google Play Store screenshots, suggesting we will be able to use them as melee weapons.

A Reddit user has spotted the 48-Dredge on the Season 9 test server.


Photo via @CODM_Updates

New gameplay of the Dredge has also appeared.

Unreleased 48-Dredge LMG Gameplay
— dogebeanie (@gatigatuno1)
September 20, 2020

The M249 SAW will be making an appearance in COD: Mobile soon.


All the way back in Season 4, @CODM_Updates shared a few new weapons that they believed should have arrived in Season 4 - any of these could also be coming to the game.

  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28

The KRM-262, is a pump-action shotgun from Black Ops 3, it was discovered in the game files of COD Mobile.

The G36 has also been spotted in test servers and has asked for feedback from players.

@CODMobile_ES shows the model for an MP5 weapon.


Battle Royale

A new class called 'Hacker' is coming to COD Mobile Season 11.