A Big CoD Mobile Sync Will Unify the Game's Regional Versions This Summer

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With over 100 million downloads on Android alone, it's safe to say that CoD Mobile has been a success. So what's next for the game? Beyond the arrival of Season 5 with all of its new maps, weapons, and other additions, the stage is set for the CoD Mobile sync to bring vital updates to China and Global versions at the same time. Here's what we know.

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Revealed in the recent Community Update over on Reddit, the powers that be over on the CoD Mobile development team have stated that "sometime in the summer" a CoD Mobile sync will finally kick in.


What Will Carry Over With the CoD Mobile Sync?

What this means is that no matter the region you play in, you'll enjoy the same bug fixes, weapon balance tweaks, and other key changes at the same time as another.

Seasonal updates, weapon balance changes, and select features should, in theory, arrive on both the China and Global versions at the same time, putting an end to the version disparity that's affected the meta for a number of years now.

Competitive, seasonal, and other "massive" events will be unified across both versions in the near future.


What Won't Carry Over From China in the CoD Mobile Sync?

Not everything will be carried over from CoD Mobile China, however. One example given by the development team is the recent change to the health system currently in place in China's Battle Royale mode will not be brought forward.

As we're let to understand, CoD Mobile crossplay between other regions won't be implemented just yet, either.

If you currently need to hop to another version of the game to team up with your friends, you'll likely still need to do that. You just won't have to adjust your playstyle if a gun you use on one has different stats on another. The numbers will be synced.


When is CoD Mobile Sync Coming?

The development team has only given a rough "Summer" release date, but it makes sense that the CoD Mobile sync will kick in at the start of Season 5 in the next few weeks.

We'll have to wait until the big day to learn of the finer details. But if you've ever complained about an overpowered weapon and continued to fall victim to it while China enjoys a nerf, you can rest easy knowing things soon won't take quite so long to be reflected outside of where the game is developed.

It's one small step for CoD Mobile China, one giant leap for Cod Mobile Global.