COD Mobile 1st Anniversary Event: Release Date, Rewards And More

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It seems like only recently COD Mobile was unveiled to the world and we're approaching its 1st anniversary.

The Frankenstein mobile game mashes together some of the best components from the franchise history to create a truly incredible experience.


In one year the game has accumulated over $300 million in revenue and over 250 million downloads.

Call of Duty's mobile FPS will celebrate its first anniversary in style - here's what we know.

Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile originally released on the 1st October 2019 - meaning we can expect to see the first-anniversary celebration to take place around this time.


CELEBRATION TIME: 1st anniversary will come with 'significant new content'

Season 11?

COD Mobile currently runs its season on a monthly basis, meaning that by the time the anniversary rolls around we could be entering Season 11; we are currently entering Season 9.

The structure of seasons could be overhauled at the one year mark to ensure content lasts longer and eases development concerns with such confined timeframes.


Rewards And Content

Unfortunately, we know nothing about what content awaits us during this event at this time.

What we do know is that, according to Activision, there will be 'significant new content' for its anniversary.

Data miners will more than likely crack the code ahead of time, but we may not see or hear anything until September arrives.