Call of Duty Mobile: Zombies Easter Eggs Guide For Shi No Numa In COD Mobile

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COD Mobile recently launched the zombies mode and much like the original version comes with its own Easter Eggs.

Call of Duty Mobile has grown in popularity to be one of the most successful games on mobile devices. Although Zombies wasn't available upon release, it has been eagerly awaited and met with great reception.


Here are our COD Mobile tips and tricks to completing the Shi No Numa Easter Egg.

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The Secret Super Boss Jubokko Guide

To fight the giant end boss, you need to play on Hardcore Raid difficulty. Once you start, you must complete the following steps (this can be done on solo):

  1. Collect the gears - two parts are located on the lower levels of the central building
  1. Fix the lift in the shed with these parts
  2. Ride the lift down into the secret underground lab (Zetsubou No Shima)
  3. Enter the growing room and shoot the blue plants.
  4. Interact with the lever in the computer room.

This will initiate a battle against the giant plant-zombie monster Jubokko.

As well as this main Easter Egg, there are a few others you can do.


Shoot Blue Skulls To Earn A Max Ammo

To earn a free Max Ammo power-up, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Storage Hunt
  2. Look for the strange rock sitting outside the map boundaries
  1. Shoot the rock - Blue skulls will appear (you may need to leave the room and come back)
  2. Shoot all the skulls and it will drop a Max Ammo

Shoot Frying Pans For A Death Machine

To earn a Death Machine power-up, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Fishing Hut
  2. Look for the four frying pans hanging on the walls and shoot them
  3. This will cause five blue plants to spawn, shoot all of them to earn a Death Machine (three before the bridge and two after)


Teddy Bear Locations

Teddy bears can can be found on this map, although their purpose and reward is unknown. Here are their locations:

  • Comm Room - look out of the window to the right
  • Fishing Hut - On a ledge to the left of the entrance
  • Doctor's Quarters - Look in the nearby window to the left of the the wallbuy (the teddy is hidden behind some bushes)
  • Storage Hut - On a window to the right of the entrance

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91