Call of Duty Mobile Weekly Update For July 24 Adds Ranked Play And New Missions To Complete

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The latest Call of Duty Mobile update is now live – which brings a new game mode, missions and rewards.

Call of Duty: Ranked Multiplayer has now been added – where you compete with other players to earn rewards and level up your rank against the best players.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weekly Update


The game, now in its eight season, also sees the new Solstice Awakened event where you can get gear by trading resources. There are three earnable resources: rations, petrol, and toilet paper.

You can only work toward two of the three at any given time, so check back often for new playlists and new earning opportunities.

As Activision write in their blog:

“In the post-apocalyptic setting of Solstice Awakened, the Operators have learned to scavenge and barter for new gear. The more resources you gather, and the greater the variety, the more bartering power you’ll have to acquire new items in your fight for survival."

“Earn resources by getting kills in the Solstice Awakened featured playlists. Each day the featured playlist matches will take place on a unique map. It could be High Rise, Saloon, or Isolated – the Battle Royale map. Each playlist will award a different resource for earning kills on the map.”

To give yourself the best possible chance be sure to explore all the maps. Even though Season 8, the Forge, has just landed, fans are already speculating about what we’ll see in Season 9.

There are strong hints that battle royale will arrive on Cod Mobile.

COD_Mobile_Official has responded to a comment on Reddit surrounding the arrival of Battle Royale.

They revealed the mode will be available on the next public test build. This shouldn't be too far away, so get ready for BR on mobile!