Call of Duty Mobile Season 3: Tips and Tricks Tutorial To Improve Your Gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 3 is already on your phone – but with a new season comes a ton of new changes and game modes too, all of which will affect your prowess on the battlefield.

Before you get caught out like a scrub, though, here are some tips and tricks to consider – and keep you from tanking your rankings too badly.

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Map Changes

  • Domination single round scores extended to 75 in ranked

Extending the score value for Domination means it’s going to actually be harder to win one, as the game mode now gives you a wider window of opportunity to force a comeback.

Conversely, this also means you can’t rest on your laurels if you get an early advantage. Keep your head in the game, or have it blown off.

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Gun Changes

  • Nerfs to SMRS movement speed, max range, and Scorestreak damage.
  • S36 less effective at long range.
  • Type 25 and AK117 foregrip attachments lose recoil stability.
  • MSMC magazine capacity lowered to 25.
  • ICR foregrip attachment gains recoil stability.
  • Increased firing stability to LK24, ASM10, and HG40
  • AK-47 gains recoil control and reduced vertical recoil degree.

Some of the most popular and effective guns in the game got beat up in the balance patch, meaning it’s time to re-evaluate the kit you’re bringing into the fight.

The AK-47, however, maybe the biggest beneficiary of their loss – especially with buffs that notably improve its handling.


Skill Changes

  • Transform Shield knocks away bullets when deployed.
  • Gravity Spikes temporarily increases your armor, and has its charge time reduced.
  • Sparrow takes more energy to use.

Both Transform Shield and Gravity Spikes gain notable buffs aimed at increasing their operator’s survivability on use.

Gravity Spikes, in particular, is going to make it much more dangerous to group up for objectives fights.

Watch your positioning – or wreck theirs by going Ruin or Blackjack.

Basic Tips and Strategies

Once you've acquainted yourself with the changes to the game, of course, you need to adapt your gameplay to match it. If you haven't already, you're gonna need to go into the guts of Call of Duty Mobile and spruce up your control scheme. In particular, focus on these settings:


  • Brightness: increase this, so you can actually see what you're shooting.
  • Customize Controls: "Simple" shooting doesn't do nearly enough to keep you effective and efficient. Turn on Advanced Controls and adjust your control layouts as most appropriate and convenient for you. Especially take note of your shooting mode -- firing from the hips might be alright if you've got a trench-clearing shotgun, but ADS is necessary for anything that requires precision.
  • Graphics Quality: If you're playing on an older phone, you might want to dial down the graphical fidelity to keep things smooth. You'll want to test responsiveness afterwards, of course.
  • Adjust Sensitivity: There's no point in having perfect aim if the barrel of the gun's lagging behind your reaction time. 

There are also basic gameplay concerns you'll want to keep in mind:

  • Switching to pistols is often faster than reloading, and kills the enemy just as dead in close range.
  • Hanging back means conceding vantage points and map control to the enemy team. Get in there or lose.
  • Use earbuds or headphones! Audio cues will often save your life in situations your eyesight won't catch.

And above all: keep playing. The only way to "git gud" is to get experienced.


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