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Call of Duty Mobile Perks: All Confirmed Perks For COD Mobile On Android And iOS Devices


Call of Duty Mobile will feature the same, faithful, 3 tier perk system it has done since Call of Duty 4. With 18 perks on offer for iOS and Android, COD Mobile boasts a great selection of returning perks from the Call of Duty franchise, along with weapons, maps, scorestreaks and more. With the COD Mobile multiplayer being a frankenstein creation, many will want to know the tips and tricks to get the most out of the game - you can find these here.


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Perks In COD Mobile

The perks have been in flux since the beginning of the year, as some have been added, moved and removed e.g. Dead Silence was originally a red perk and Hard Wired was not originally in the game.

Red Perks/Perk 1

  • Skulker - Move 12% faster when walking and crouching.
  • Fast Recover - Increase HP recovery rate by 35%.
  • Persistence - Scorestreak progression does not reset on death, but Scorestreaks costs are doubled.
  • Flak Jacket - Damage from explosions is reduced by 35%.
  • Agile - Quicker object mantling and the aiming time of weapons after sprinting is reduced by 85%.
  • Lightweight - Sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

Green Perks/Perk 2

  • Hard Wired - Immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades, and no longer trigger Trip Mines. Reduces the effectiveness of enemy Tracker perks.
  • Vulture - Pick up ammo from kills equal to the magazine capacity of the current weapon.
  • Toughness - Reduces the player's flinch when being shot by 60%.
  • Tracker - Enemy footprints are visible for 4 seconds.
  • Ghost - Enemy UAVs cannot reveal your position.
  • Cold Blooded - Cannot be targeted by enemy AI-controlled Scorestreaks. Does not affect manually-controlled Scorestreaks.


Blue Perks/Perk 3

  • Dead Silence - Silent movement.
  • Hardline - Increases points earned by killing enemies by 25%
  • Alert - Shows a general location of enemies on the mini-map when near the player.
  • Tactical Mask - Reduces the duration of tactical equipment effects on you by 40%.
  • Engineer - Show enemy equipment and scorestreaks. Re-roll friendly Care Packages and booby trap enemy Care Packages.
  • Demo Expert - Increases the damage of explosives by 25%.

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