COD 2021

20 Feb 2021

Warzone: Will Verdansk appear in the next COD?

If you're a fan of Warzone, you're probably familiar with the city of Verdansk! However, we may be getting a closer look at the location.

Leaks and rumours are hinting at the possible release of this location in the next Call of Duty title.

COD 2021?

It seems Verdansk may feature in the new COD title, but not in the way you may be expecting...

Verdansk has quickly become one of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history, so fans can't wait to see how it'll be implemented into the new release.

The city may tie into the main story or multiplayer of this year's COD, and is said to shine a light on the past of Verdansk.

We hope you'll be able to play as a soldier of the past and roam the streets uncovering secrets and unrevealed locations.



Recent leaks on Twitter from @MrLeaks5  may show us how Verdansk will feature in the upcoming Call of Duty title.

As you can see in the Tweet above, we may be getting a closer look at Verdansk, and what it's been hiding all this time.

For this reason, many Call of Duty fans have speculated that the upcoming game will be a sequel to the current Modern Warfare title.

Release Date

The release date for COD 2021 is rumoured to be the 12th November 2021. This comes from multiple leaked sources meaning this has a high chance to be true!

Seeing as the current Call of Duty released on 13th November 2020, it doesn't seem unlikely that we'll be getting the new title around this date as well.

The Future of Warzone

Activision plans to continue updating Warzone with new content and cosmetics to keep the game feeling fresh and fun,

Integrating Warzonewith the current title of that year will allow the developers to keep this version of COD running alongside the main AAA titles. 

We can't wait to see how COD 2021 effects Warzone, and which new features they'll add later this year!