Vanguard Players Express Frustration With Camo Unlocks

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The beta for Call of Duty: Vanguard has seen players trying out new features and giving constructive feedback to the developers. The amount of time that you invest in the game leads to unlocking perks, guns, and new attachments. Along with that, Camos can be unlocked by completing a variety of challenges.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare brought in a major change on how these camos could be unlocked by the players. This requires players to reach specific levels to unlock a camo category before they can earn the camos. The same change was carried over in Black Ops Cold War and now could be seen in Vanguard.


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COD Vanguard Camo Unlocks

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Vanguard players are quite unhappy with this particular system making a return in the game. Reddit user 'Peytronizer' recently posted about the camo unlock system which sparked plenty of conversation.

A lot of players pitched in their suggestion saying, Vanguard's camo challenges should reflect that of Call of Duty: Mobile and players should make progress in camo challenges from the start, but also keep the camos locked behind a weapon's level.

Sledgehammer Games will be taking the final decision if camos are really causing a problem in Vanguard. As we get closer to Vanguard's full release, it'll be interesting to see what other problems the players are facing.

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