The Clash of Clans Gold Pass Rewards for July Includes a Golden Jungle Skin

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As another month rolls around, so too does a new Clash of Clans Gold Pass. And with it comes a treasure trove of rewards (including a solid gold skin) for anyone who can amass enough points over the course of the next 31 days. Here's what's included and how to get it.

Clash of Clans Gold Pass Skin July Rewards

It turns out the Clash of Clans team had teased the new July Gold Pass skin a few days prior to its release.


In an innocent-looking tweet, they used a fraction of the skin photo to illustrate how it feels to wait for the end of the month just to claim the season's rewards.

The skin in question was the Jungle King look--a skin draped in gorgeous gold trim.

So how do you get it?

How to Get the Gold Pass in Clash of Clans

Like any Clash of Clans Gold Pass skin reward, you need to open up your wallet and then complete enough challenges over the course of the month to hit the point requirement.

You can read more about Clash of Clans seasons here. But put simply, you need to have reached Town Hall 7. Then you can buy the Clash of Clans Gold Pass by tapping the button to the right of the Attack command in-game, where you'll be presented with the season's challenges and rewards.

Silver Pass holders (the free version of the Gold Pass) can complete some challenges and claim some rewards, but the CoC July skin is found right at the end of the rewards list and is locked to Gold Pass buyers only.


By completing daily and weekly missions, you should be able to accumulate enough points over the course of the month of July to hit the unlock requirements for the Jungle King skin. Then, when August comes around, you can claim it from the Season Bank.