Clash of Clans April 2021 Update: Everything You Need To Know

UPDATE April 5 - Added new details on various new leaks - such as the "Hero's Pet" building - and our first look at Town Hall 14.

Original Story - Supercell's next big update to Clash of Clans should be just around the corner.

Fans of the hugely popular Android and iOS title have been loyal to the game for years, but that doesn't mean they're not desperate for more content to arrive.

It’s been a good few months since Supercell's last big update to the game. The December/Winter update dropped on December 7 and with us now approaching April, fans are right to be thinking 'what is coming next?'.

Thankfully the Spring update to the game should be arriving in a couple of days time. Keen to know what to expect? We've rounded up everything you need to know.

April / Spring 2021 Update Release Date

Now typically Supercell will start showing some sneak peaks for their upcoming updates around 10 days out for the launch. But we're writing this on March 30 and well there's been no news.

The Spring update in 2020 arrived on March 28th, but during a Reddit AMA hosted by Supercell Community Manager Darian, it was revealed that the Spring 2021 update would return to an April launch.

To quote Darian:

One things no one asked is WHEN the next update is. We’re aiming for an April release for the first major update of the year, but we’re not ready to share exactly what the content will be.

Now, if we go even further back, the April 2019 Spring update launched on April 1.

There's no official confirmation from Supercell on when the Clash of Clans Spring update will launch just yet. We can only assume that it's either coming in the next couple of days as part of a surprise drop, or we'll start seeing those teasers soon and have to wait a few more weeks.

April New Skin - Rouge champion

One thing that fans do seem certain of is that the new Skin for April will be a Rouge Champion.

This was based on some fans - from the Clash of Clans Leaks Sub-Reddit - spotting a sneaky mention on a book at the start of the 'Tale of the Rogue King' youtube video uploaded at the start of March.

Coincidence? Possibly. But it's as good a lead as any right now.

April Update - New Content

As mentioned during that Reddit AMA, the team isn't ready to share exactly what the content we can expect to see as part of the April update.

It's more likely that the update focuses on bug fixes and quality of life changes since it seems unlikely that Town Hall 14 will launch with the Spring update (more on that further down).

Though the same Clash of Clans Leaks Sub-Reddit do also believe we might see some new Super Troops. But whether this is based purely on the fact that last year’s Spring update saw the introduction of Super Troops, isn't clear.

April Spring Update Leaks - Hero's Pet

UPDATE April 5 - Over the weekend several big leaks appear to have surfaced on the games the Clash of Clans Leaks Subreddit.

Not only did we get our first sneak peak at Town Hall 14 (more on the below) but there are also quite a few rumours around something called "Hero’s Pet."

This new building appears to be some sort of outhouse or shack for pets to live in, as seen by the animal footprints on the floor.

Town Hall 14 Leaks & Latest News

UPDATE April 5 - Town Hall 14 appears to have leaked, along with the first image which shows off a new Aztec Jungle Temple theme. Follow the link above for all you need to know.

Original Story - It's been quite some time since the game last introduced Town Hall 13, which arrived in December 2019.

These Town Hall updates are few and far between. In fact, every new Town Hall tends to be roughly 18 months apart, as per the smart folk at

If we were to assume that Supercell sticks to the same 18-month rollout, we likely won't see Town Hall 14 released with the Spring update, but this Summer instead.

We'd also argue that any impacts of COVID on the studio might also be as good a reason to suspect that the studio will stick to a Summer launch, if not later.

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