Clash of Clans July 2022 Clan Games Rewards

Clash of Clans July 2022 Clan Games Rewards

Clash of Clans July 2022 Clan Games Rewards
July 18, 2022: We're expecting clan games to launch at some point over the next week. Hopefully, we'll see some information sometime soon.

It's fair to say that Clash of Clans is one of the biggest mobile games in the entire world. This is down to an interesting gameplay formula and tonnes of updates. Here's everything we know about the Clash of Clans July 2022 Clan Games.

Unfortunately, as of right now, we are still missing a lot of important information. Hopefully, more will be pop up soon.

If you think your opponents may be cheating, here's what you need to know about Clash of Clans hacks. As you'll need it to take part, here's how to get town hall 4.

Clash of Clans June 2022 Clan Games Rewards

As of right now, we don't know what July's Clash of Clans Clan Games are. Generally, we tend to see what they are a few days before they go live. If this all turns out to be true this month, we should know in a few weeks.

Clash of Clans July 2022 Clan Games Rewards
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We will update you right here as soon as we know what they are.

When are the Clash of Clans 2022 Clan Games?

Generally, clan games tend to go live just before the last week of every month. Given it is a Friday this month, it seems likely that we will see the games go live on July 22.

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This all being said, the Clash of Clans Twitter tends to give all the latest information on clan games.

Some General Tips

Generally, there are a few things you should know going into each month's clan games. First, you should aim to get challenges out of the way quickly. This will get you points early and also give you more information about what is next.

The Strongman's Caravan is a sign the clan games have started but they won't start if your town hall isn't level 6 yet. You will do this naturally by playing the game.

In order to be efficient about how you go about it, make sure to know what your challenges are and be communicative. Sometimes, you can tick off a few quickly if you really think about what you're doing.

All rewards from clan games will be divided equally among clan members. This means you should get everyone to do as much as they can towards it. You will help yourself in the long run if you act like a team.

Big clans tend to get them done quick so, if you aren't part of a clan just yet, join one that has tonnes of really good members in it. This will help you in the future in a bunch of different ways. Clan games aren't too hard if you plan everything out.

Last Month's Rewards

Generally, every month's clan games rewards are quite similar. Though we don't have official confirmation of what this month's rewards are, last month is a good template. Here's what we know.

20% Treasury Gold 20 Gems 1 Clock Tower Potion 20 Clan Experience
1 Power Potion 30% Treasury Elixir 1 Training Potion 40 Clan Experience
1 Shovel of Obstacles 2 Research Potion 40 Gems 60 Clan Experience
6 Wall Ring 80% Treasury Gold 1 Super Potion 80 Clan Experience
90% Treasury Dark Elixir 1 Rune of Builder Gold 2 Builder Potion 100 Clan Experience
1 Book of Heroes 1 Rune of Dark Elixir 100 Gems 120 Clan Experience

If you're playing Clash of Clans and looking into how to attack in Clan Capital, this is what you should know.

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