Call of Duty Vanguard Festive Fervor Christmas Event LIVE: Start Time, Operators & Everything We Know

With Halloween done and dusted, attention is already turning to the festive season and there's every chance Call of Duty Vanguard will get in on the act with some Christmas activities to complete in multiplayer. Even though Christmas is still a month away, players are already beginning to wonder what Sledgehammer Games has in store.

Despite minimal information surrounding a Christmas Event for Vanguard, leaks surrounding the possibility of an event taking place are already beginning to appear. With that said, find absolutely everything you need to know about the Vanguard Christmas Event in our dedicated hub!

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Latest News

17 December 2021 - Festive Fervor Event LIVE!

After days of waiting, the Festive Fervor event is now live in Vanguard! Prepare to hunt Krampus and deal with those pesky elves throughout the festive period.

16 December 2021 - Festive Shipment

As part of the Festive Fervor event, fan-favourite map Shipment is getting a seasonal makeover, with most of the shipping containers getting covered in wrapping paper and a glowing star sitting in the middle of the map.

15 December 2021 - 12 Festive Days of Deals

Before the Festive Fervor event gets underway, players can get access to discounts on specific bundles in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Deals will run from December 14th-25th, giving you the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some cosmetics!

14 December 2021 - Festive Fervor

14 December 2021 - Festive Fervor Roadmap

With just days until the festivities begin in Vanguard, Activision has unveiled the official roadmap for the event. For multiplayer, players will get the opportunity to jump into matches on a festive re-skin of Shipment along with Festive Fervor Armageddon, a mode that resembles Drop Zone from Modern Warfare 3.

Vanguard Festive Fervor Event Roadmap
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13 December 2021 - Festive Fervor Start Date

Vanguard Festive Fervor begins December 17, with a range of new challenges, rewards, and even a free multiplayer weekend.

Some of the new challenges include:

  • Beware Krampus! A survival challenge
  • Elf Team 6 hunting - A new kind of challenge

There's also a limited-time mode called Festive Fervor Armageddon, new cosmetics, and a free multiplayer weekend from December 18 through December 21. That's on top of a range of sales planned through January 5.

Check it all out in the trailer below:

7 December 2021 - CODMas Event Details Leaked

Notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has managed to uncover several details of the CODMas event taking place in the next few weeks. Some of the items include a festive outfit for Lucas alongside a range of seasonal weapon blueprints expected to be unlocked by completing challenges.

What Time Does The Vanguard Christmas Event Start?

The festivities officially begin on December 16th at 9PM PT which means that the event will start at 5AM GMT on December 17th for UK players.

COD Vanguard Christmas Event Rewards

Just like the Halloween events that have taken place before, the Vanguard Christmas Event is expected to feature a range of rewards for players to earn by completing a range of challenges. Notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks has already uncovered a variety of unlockable items from within the files of the game, including festive Calling Cards, Stickers, and more.

COD Vanguard Christmas Event Operators

A seasonal event of any kind in Call of Duty often lends itself to plenty of crossovers taking place. In the past, we've seen Ghostface from the Scream movie make an appearance as well as legendary action heroes John McClane and John Rambo.

To keep with the theme of Christmas, @ZestyCODLeaks has managed to uncover the presence of Krampus, the Christmas devil, within the files of Vanguard, heavily suggesting that it will be making some kind of appearance in multiplayer.

That's everything we know about Vanguard's Christmas event so far. As soon as we discover more information, we will update this article with everything you need to know. In the meantime, check out the best FOV settings to use in multiplayer along with our definitive assault rifle tier list.

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