Chivalry 2: How to Crouch and Duck Under Attacks

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Chivalry 2's weapons system is deceptively deep, with many options available to you once you've encountered an enemy. You can counter, parry, evade and more, but there's also the option to duck under attacks. To do so you will need to know how to crouch, which is something you won't be used to doing all that often.

To help make sure you know how to crouch we've put together this guide on ducking enemy attacks. We'll give you some tips on getting under an enemy's swing, and some more info on when crouching can be useful.


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Chivalry 2: How to Crouch

To crouch in Chivalry 2 you'll need to press and hold the right stick. If you're standing still you're character will crouch. You can then attack, evade or move into a sprint.


How to Duck Under Enemy Attacks

One use for crouching is that you can dodge enemy swing attacks. Crouch and look down and the weapon will simply pass over your head. You can then follow with an attack, though this is obviously an extremely risky move. An Overhead strike or a stab will hit you, so this should only be used against enemies that are favouring the swing attack.

When to Crouch

Crouching can also be used to get behind cover. If you're an archer you may want to do this to hide your position, or to dodge incoming projectiles. If you're being pressured by a ranged enemy, consider crouching behind something, buying you time to plan your next move.


That's all we have on crouching and ducking attacks in Chivalry 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on what you can play solo. Elsewhere there's our look at an error where your Special Items aren't showing up.